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Camera Tripods and Camera Supports

Reliable tripods and supports are essential accessories for a photographer hoping to achieve a really sharp image. You may think that you have steady hands, but truly stable and sturdy legs on a tripod are the key to capturing that image, whether a landscape, portrait, or video clip.

See the range of tripods that can carry payloads between one and 25 kilograms. Even at budget prices, a tripod with the lowest payload is designed to operate in temperatures of between – 4 degrees C and 60 degrees C. There are LED bubble levels and extendable panhandles for more secure positioning. Separate tripod heads are available with a continuous counterbalance system that allows for a smooth adjustment of the camera.

Telescopic jib arms are lightweight and portable, offering an all round support. They can accommodate a range of shooting scenarios, from an indoor shot to wide angled images in outdoor spaces. A padded nylon belt with velcro fasteners attaches the telescopic arm to the photographer and can lessen the weight of the equipment on the shoulder.

Heavy duty carbon fibre tripod systems offer the combination of light weight and strength for tough shooting situations. The top end of the range has a carbon fibre /magnesium design tripod with a super high torsion rigidity and lock angle legs that eliminate the need for a spreader. Dual system supports allow one operator to have complete control over two cameras.