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Kelvin is a premium light brand built by Norwegian LED technology specialists Rift Labs, building on their proud history of developing award-winning LED products and solutions across various global lighting markets.

Scandinavian design and innovation together with input from some of the world’s leading lighting scientists, engineers and cinematographers have helped create the Kelvin EPOS.

The Kelvin Epos is a sustainably and precision made light, manufactured in Norway that boasts an impressive colour accuracy thanks to its RGBACL Six-Colour Light Engine (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Cyan and Lime), with the lack of white LEDs allowing for a higher CCT range and more saturated colours at a higher intensity, with no drop-off in output.

Power options include both AC & DC with a range of battery mounts (V- B- & Gold) available, the front utilises a Bowens mount.

To further aid productivity, the Kelvin Narrator App enables full control from any Android or iOS device, as does integral LumenRadio Wireless DMX.

All Kelvin products are made in Norway