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The Pro Audio Streamers are a range of three IP to audio and audio to IP streamers which have professional analogue and digital inputs and outputs. They allow audio to be streamed around a building, wan or lan using IP audio and CAT5 cabling infrastructure. Typical applications include:

  • As a backup STL (studio to transmitter link).
  • For audio confidence monitoring in remote locations, such as at a radio transmitter site.
  • For distribution of audio and music around a building, such as for passing audio to speakers in a conference room.
  • As an internet-based IP music distribution system.
  • As a tannoy, paging or IP based public address system.
  • For in-house audio applications and distribution.
  • For streaming internet radio in bars and clubs.
  • For radio and music channels in hotel rooms distributed via an IP network.
  • For playing audio from a PC, a jukebox application, or from a USB stick.