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Camera Lighting and Chroma Keying

Lighting is an essential part of the recipe for successful visual recording. We stock a large selection of lighting equipment suitable for a range of videoing situations including Chroma Key equipment. Our range includes full lighting kits which may also contain panels and carry cases through to lighting accessories and spares.

Lighting Kits

Lighting kits come in a range of sizes and include standing lights and mounted studio lights. Kits can include a mix of lights suitable for location recording. We stock a full range of accessories including bulbs backdrops reflectors dimmers and grip equipment. Other essential accessories include carry packs both hard and soft.

Chroma Key Equipment

Our lighting stock includes Chroma Key equipment. Choose from full Chroma Key kits to individual green screens stands or data videos. Chroma Kits may include more than one quality brand in order to create the best combination of equipment.

Our range also features Used Lighting and Chroma Key equipment for those looking to save money. We stock lighting equipment from major manufacturers including Dedo Photoflex and Kino flo.

Whether you have the correct lighting equipment can make or break the success of a recording. Our large range of lighting and Chroma Key equipment is suitable for a range of visual recording needs.