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Camera Monitors and Camera Prompters

In the modern world of television, there is an increasing demand for higher quality and higher fidelity in every aspect of visual output. The first step, therefore, is access to a high-end monitor, as this will ensure that you are viewing the picture with the maximum quality available. On the whole, high-definition is now a must, so it is essential that any monitor has an HDMI cable input so that the source of your visuals (computer, set-top box, Blu-ray player etc.,) is able to generate the best picture available for your viewing.

The latest development in screens is 3D, but with only a small but growing amount of content available in this format, many choose to stick with either a plasma or LCD monitor. The choice between these two options really has to be one of personal preference, with plasma offering more intense visuals but LCD often having a crisper display. Brands such as Panasonic are excellent for large monitors while Swit may be a better choice for more compact displays.

With your production monitors sorted, a good autocue or similar prompter may prove to be an essential piece of kit for your operation. A screen with shielding to make sure the wording is easily visible is crucial, but so too is a handheld device enabling a member of staff, or even the camera's focus, to control the prompter's scrolling discreetly. These range from variations of wireless mice to purpose-built control pads. In addition, there is an increasing range of technology that links prompters to iPhones or iPads. The two dominant brands in this market, offering all variety of prompting technology are Autocue and Datavision.