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Camera Batteries and Power Accessories

Our wide range of batteries, power packs and chargers provide all your power needs. Products include the PAGlink range, with battery linking systems and Powerhub, suitable for high load camera set-ups. You can power your camera, lighting and audio equipment from one Powerhub with multiple output sockets. This is designed to have interchangeable sockets so that it can be used for various devices and moveable output sockets so that you can alter it for your individual needs.

We can supply on-camera V-mount AC adaptors, which are compact and lightweight and can be used on or off the camera, providing a 100w power supply. Our larger batteries can be used to power a set-up such as picture monitoring, lighting and audio, along with camera accessories.

Along with powering the batteries for your camera and filming equipment, many chargers include useful USB connectors for charging up your smart phone. Our chargers allow you to attach up to sixteen batteries at one time. However much power your batteries have after filming, your charger can automatically work out how much charging is needed for each one via Intelligent Parallel Charging software. This fast and efficient piece of equipment can have your batteries fully charged for the next day's filming.