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Camera Vision Mixers and Digital Video Effect (DVEs) Devices

Vision mixers provide outputs to recorders and live screens and enable the connection and alternation of a number of cameras. They can be used in studios, at live events, or provide live event coverage to multiple screens and can provide a number of visual effects. They come with digital video effects devices (DVEs) that change an analogue data signal into digital information. The combination can compress, expand, cascade, flip and change the position and perspectives of many images.

Mobile video studios are large enough to have a built-in, 17-inch multi-view display that can easily pull out on all locations. It provides an overview of eight channels, as well as a talkback system for up to eight users. This means that the director, producer, sound engineer, camera operator and lighting operators can communicate together easily. Some mobile video studios are small enough to be hand carried without compromising their performance. These small studios are suitable for educational needs, places of worship, or live streaming at conferences and seminars.

There are sophisticated broadcast panels at premium prices with control software designed for both Mac and Windows operating systems. These allow for all mixing and cross-fades between channels and switching between multiple sources.