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Sony RCP-D51 Remote Control Panel

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Sony RCP-D51 Remote Control Panel

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Sony RCP-D51 (RCPD51, RCP-D51//U) Simple remote control panel with rotary (dial) type control for DXC series cameras


Sony’s DXC series portable cameras are well known for their high picture performance and ease of operation. As a result, they are increasingly used for demanding applications where sophisticated control facilities are required. To satisfy this demand, the RCP-D50 and RCP-D51 have been introduced, to provide comprehensive camera control and setup facilities. The RCP-D51 includes rotary control of Iris and Master Black for ease of use. 
The is also available, which has joystick controls for Iris and Master Black. 


3.5 Inch Colour Touch Panel LCD

The RCP-D51 is equipped with a 3.5inch colour touch panel LCD screen and offers extensive control of the camera functions through easy-to use menu-based operations. A whole range of operations from the basic to the more sophisticated set-up operation can be remotely controlled using dedicated buttons/switches and the touch panel LCD screen

LCD Monitor Display

The 3.5 inch colour LCD can also display the video output from a connected camera by pressing the MONITOR button. Monitor display is available when the RCP-D51 is used with the CCU-D50/P or is directly connected with the camera/camcorder through 10-pin remote connector.

In addition, when RCP-D51 is directly connected to a DXC-D50 series camera, a character display is superimposed on the camera picture.

Memory Stick System for Storage/recall of Scene Files

The RCP-D51 includes the well-known Memory Stick system for the storage and recall of setup parameters such as Scene File. Various scene files can be stored on and recalled from the Memory Stick and transferred to either a different RCP, or to a camera. In addition, the firmware update can be done via Memory Stick.

Security function - Advanced menu

The RCP-D51 has both normal and advanced setting menus. The Advanced setting menu offers comprehensive camera set-up functions primarily for engineering and service purposes. If required, a security code can be used to limit access only to authorised personnel.

Scene File System

The RCP-D51 can store camera parameters of individual scenes or each operator’s different camera setup preference as a scene file, which can be instantly recalled at any time by using the SCENE button and touch panel LCD. Up to 20 scene files can be stored using the RCP-D51. With the DXC-D30/D35 series, setup files are also operated with the RCP-D50/51.

Compact panel layout

Up to four units of RCP-D51 can be mounted on a 19-inch EIA standard rack (7.5 rack units high)

Stand-alone use

The RCP-D51 can be used as a stand-alone remote control panel by being directly connected to the DXC camera (DXC-D50, DXC-D35, or DXC-D30 series) or DSR camcorder (DSR-300/300A/370/390/500WS/570WS series).

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