Roland BRIDGE CAST X Dual Bus Streaming Mixer and Video Capture - ROLBRIDGECASTX

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The Roland BRIDGE CAST X is a dual-bus audio mixer, with features that include dual sound mixes, broadcast-quality XLR mic support, voice processing, royalty-free music and sound effects, assignable control pads, and so much more.

Roland BRIDGE CAST X Dual Bus Streaming Mixer and Video Capture - ROLBRIDGECASTX

Dual Bus Streaming Mixer and Video Capture
Professional AV streaming interface for online gamers, podcasters, and vloggers
Connect multiple devices at once and switch up your streaming setup without having to repatch cables
Two USB-C ports for computers and mobile devices
Two HDMI inputs for gaming consoles, cameras, and more
HDMI Thru for connecting to an external video monitor
Powerful 32-bit hardware DSP allows you to dedicate all your sources to gaming and streaming
Create independent mixes for you and the online audience with dual audio busses
High-quality XLR microphone preamp with phantom power for broadcast-grade mics
Headphones jack with a professional high-sensitivity output and support for a headset or inline mic
Hands-on knobs and buttons for quick sound control
Six assignable control pads for sound FX, Game EQ presets, OBS shortcuts, and more
Solid, streamlined design with adjustable knob LED colours
Voice Changer effects derived from the Roland VT series
High-quality vocal processing: EQ, compressor, noise suppressor, de-esser, and reverb
Enhance your gaming performance with five customizable Game EQ presets
Delay function to synchronize audio with video when needed
Aux input for playing audio from a smartphone or external device
Customize settings and save hardware configurations with the BRIDGE CAST app
Add royalty-free background music and sound effects to your streams with BGM CAST, available through the BRIDGE CAST app and Roland Cloud

Elevate your streaming content with BRIDGE CAST X, a compact, all-in-one desktop solution filled with hands-on controls and Roland’s acclaimed pro AV features. Say goodbye to messy add-ons and unify your workflow with multiple connections for gaming consoles, computers, cameras, and audio devices. Then crush the competition with epic features like dual sound mixes, broadcast-quality XLR mic support, voice processing, royalty-free music and sound effects, assignable control pads, and so much more.

From online gaming to podcasting, vlogging, and other video content, BRIDGE CAST X keeps you focused on creating rather than fussing with cables and different pieces of specialized gear. The integrated design simplifies connections and reduces clutter, while the intuitive interface lets you smoothly mix audio and control the action in the flow. And with multiple USB-C and HDMI ports,* you can connect all your devices and avoid having to repatch every time you want to change gears for the day’s stream.
*Only one HDMI input can be active at a time. Seamless live switching between the HDMI inputs is not supported.

Dual PCs
If you use one PC for gaming and another for streaming and chatting, BRIDGE CAST X has you covered. The USB II port provides audio and video integration for a single-cable connection to your streaming computer. The USB I audio and HDMI ports support a variety of connection options for a second computer, including HDMI throughput to a dedicated video monitor.
PC and Gaming Consoles
Console-to-computer setups can get messy. Streamline your rig by connecting a PC and two gaming consoles to BRIDGE CAST X for seamless video and audio streaming. If you’re a PlayStation 5 owner, you can control chat and game audio independently using USB-C and HDMI connections.
Video Chat
Looking for a straightforward way to chat on video? Upgrade your webcam with a high-quality camera and connect it to an HDMI input on BRIDGE CAST X—perfect for live interviews, gameplay recaps, and Just Chatting.

With the advanced audio tools in BRIDGE CAST X, you’ll always support your content with the high-quality sound it deserves.

All Gain, No Pain
Great vocals start with a great microphone. Connect any broadcast-quality XLR dynamic or condenser mic to BRIDGE CAST X without the need for external preamps or mic activators. A headset mic is also supported via the mini headphone jack.
In the Mix
BRIDGE CAST X is a dual-bus audio mixer so that you can operate two mixes at once. Independently adjust levels on a personal headphone mix while delivering a unique blend to your audience. Balance mic level, team chats, gameplay sounds, and background music for pro mixes that keep viewers engaged.
Morph Your Voice
Transform your voice with onboard processing derived from Roland’s famous VT voice transformers. To take on a new character, adjust the pitch and format to alter your age or gender—or even sound like an alien.
Broadcast Polish
BRIDGE CAST X also includes pro processing tools to enhance your chat stream, including EQ, compression, a low-cut filter to soften pesky plosives, and a de-esser that cleans up harsh “S” tones. Curb background distractions with the noise suppressor and launch your voice into space with the great-sounding reverb.
Virtual Surround Sound
Immerse yourself in virtual surround sound with 5.1 or 7.1 HDMI spatial headphones audio backed by advanced Roland technology. Using the BRIDGE CAST app, you can even adjust the angles of the virtual speaker array to create your ideal surround sound experience.

BRIDGE CAST X puts a raft of powerful controls at your fingertips, letting you execute actions without distraction.

Control in Hand
The intuitive BRIDGE CAST X panel makes it easy to manage streams in real-time. Adjust your audio mix with dedicated knobs and buttons. Assign up to 30 OBS commands, sound effects, and music shortcuts to the six control pads to launch them midstream. Use the bottom row of buttons to navigate pages and access additional shortcuts.
Game Time Advantage
Snag a competitive edge by creating up to five custom Game EQ presets. For example, you can boost the volume to highlight game-critical audio cues, like enemy footsteps in a first-person shooter. Once you’ve dialled in your settings, save them to onboard profiles and instantly summon them with the push of a button.
BRIDGE CAST App: Your Perfect Teammate
Dive deeper into audio mixing, signal routing, and customization with the BRIDGE CAST app. Set mic and audio parameters, configure Game EQ presets, and explore deeper features as you stream. Reassign hardware controls and recall favourite configurations for various games and audiences. You can even customize the hardware by assigning LED colours to change up the look and highlight the controls in low lighting.

Adding royalty-free background music and sound effects to your streams has never been easier with Roland’s BGM Cast. Available within the BRIDGE CAST app, BGM CAST lets you choose music by mood and genre or create playlists of your favourites for stress-free music management.

Get 36 background music tracks and 16 sound effects with a free Roland account. Or expand your options with a Roland Cloud Core membership and explore thousands of music tracks and hundreds of sound effects, with new selections added each month. Membership also includes powerful tools for creating your music, including the ZENOLOGY synthesizer, Zenbeats production software, Sound Packs, and more.


Roland BRIDGE CAST X Dual Bus Streaming Mixer and Video Capture