Fujinon LA16x8BRM-XB1A 4K 2/3-inch Professional Lens for Blackmagic URSA Broadcast Camera (IN STOCK)

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This portable 16× zoom lens was developed exclusively for Blackmagic URSA Broadcast, Fujifilm's professional, 4K-compatible broadcast camera in an affordable price range. It offers 4K high-resolution images in a price range that matches the camera's body. Although it was used mainly for news broadcasting, its improved operability reflects its expanded applications, such as in the production of streaming service content and TV movies.



Fujinon LA16x8BRM 4K 2/3-inch Professional Lens for Blackmagic URSA Broadcast Camera - LA16x8BRM-XB1A


  • 2/3” Professional Lens 4K
  • Designed for Blackmagic URSA Broadcast
    Provides the best lens performance for Blackmagic URSA Broadcast with 4K and HD resolution
  • Compact and lightweight with 4K resolution
    The lens weighs approx. 1.6kg thanks in part due to its unique a rear focus mechanism design
  • Electronic flange back adjustment with macro switch function
    This new function increase convenience when shooting
  • Compact/lightweight and 4K resolution
    The rear focus mechanism enables the weight of the lens to be reduced to approx. 1.6kg. The size provides optimal balance with Blackmagic URSA Broadcast with 4K performance. Featuring a 16x zoom ratio suitable for EFP, news and studio shooting
  • Electronic flange back adjustment function
    A single button on the lens provides electronic flange back adjustment to allow focus while performing zoom operations. The electronic system provides faster and more efficient adjustment
  • Macro function
    The macro function allows for closer shooting than MOD up to 0.05m by operation of the unique focus ring. This enables spectacular close-up images at 4K resolution
  • Handheld style
    The compact body weighing approx. 1.6kg provides the optimal balance with the Blackmagic URSA Broadcast, reducing the burden of shooting handheld and provides excellent operability
  • EFP/Studio style
    The use of FUJINON accessories enables precise control of zoom and focus while on a tripod. Mounting the camera on a tripod also enables efficient studio or field style shooting


  • Focal length – 8.0-128mm
  • Zoom ratio – 16x
  • MOD – 0.8 m
  • F value – F1.9 – 2.8
  • Size – Φ 85 x 163.8
  • Weight – 1.6kg or 3.52 lbs

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