Fomex FL-600-SB Softbox with Quick Frame for Fomex FL-600

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Fomex FL-600-SB Softbox with Quick Frame for Fomex FL-600


The FL-600-SB is a cost-effective solution to diffusing and softening the FL-600 light output. It’s often desirable to have a soft light source when shooting interviews and other talent-based scenes. 

The steel rod construction provides a sturdy basis for the reflective surround and the velcro attached cloth diffuser. 

Assembly is fast and simple. It begins by joining the two halves of the main frame together, before slotting the four short supports rods from the reflective surround into the corresponding holes on the frame’s corners. With the frame and reflective surround connected, the cloth diffuser can be attached using the velcro fitting. 

Once constructed, the FL-600-SB softbox mates perfectly with the FL-600 LED light mat. It uses a magnetic system to mount to the front of the LED light mat, with rear velcro folds ensuring it does fall off, whilst also reducing rear light leak. 

When packed down and stored in the included pouch, it fits within the same carry bag as the light mat itself. 

The FL-600-SB softbox is a light modifier that should be part of every Fomex FL-600 owner’s arsenal of equipment. 

Key Features (bullets):

  • Simple diffusion and softener for Fomex FL-600 LED light mat
  • Sturdy construction with fast assembly process
  • Magnetically attaches to FL-600
  • Rear velcro folds ensure tight and secure fit
  • When packed, fits within FL-600-KIT carry bag

 What’s in the Box? (bullets):

  • 2x Main Frame Halves
  • 1x Reflective Surround with Metal Support Rods
  • 1x 1/3 Soft Cloth Diffuser
  • 1x Softbox Storage Pouch



FL-600-SB Softbox Specification

Diffusion Strength

1/3rd Stop


Steel, Fabric