Fomex FL-600-FLY DoPchoice Flyball for Fomex FL-600

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Fomex FL-600-FLY DoPchoice Flyball for Fomex FL-600


DoPchoice Flyball for Fomex FL-600 Including Mounting Adaptor


Using the DoPchoice Flyball on the Fomex FL-600 Flexible LED light, gives operators a unique solution for overhead lighting. Together with the optional FL-BP boompole, the three items combine to create a lightweight and portable lighting rig.

The Flyball is designed to broaden the overall light output due to its large 60cm edge to edge diameter. In the process, the output is also softened to reduce shadows.

Fitting the Flyball is a fast & painless process. A bespoke Velcro adaptor is included which mounts directly to the Fomex LED light mat.  With the Velcro adaptor fitted, simply expand the Flyball and position it over the light. In all, the process should take less than two minutes


Key Features (bullets):

  • Broadens light output with natural fall-off to edges
  • Soft diffusion to reduce shadows
  • 60cm diameter from edge to edge
  • Velcro mounting ensure tight fit


What’s in the Box? (bullets):

  • 1x Flyball SnapBag
  • 1x Veclro Mounting Adaptor for Fomex FL-600
  • 1x Carrying Bag



FL-600-FLY Specification

Installed Dimensions

L 60cm

W 60cm

H 43cm

Installed Weight

0.30 kg