Wally Dolly Compact Kit 2.34m

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Wally Dolly Compatc Kit 2.34m in length, Super Smooth camera tracking


NEW from Wally Dolly the WD-Compact, A Compact version of the original Wally Dolly, featuring the same fast set up, smooth performance and versatility, but with shorter, narrower poles, smaller T-frame dolly, and smaller case. A compact package designed for smaller camcorders and DSLRs. Maximum load 12 Kg including tripod, fluid head and camera.


The track system for the Wally Dolly CompacT is made up of six 780mm lengths of anodised machined aluminium pipes. Each pipe connects together by threaded plugs at either end. Screw together to form a run of 2.34 metres.

Lay the tracks on the underpads and pop on the end stops. The T frame dolly assembles with just one thumbscrew. Place your tripod into the holes in the dolly and secure in place with the cord and racket set. Fit your fluid head and camera - then shoot. It's that simple.

The smoothness of the performance is remarkable considering the simplicity and speed of set up.


  • Maximum Load Capacity, including tripod and dolly 12 Kg.
  • Total kit weight, including padded bag 5.2Kg
  • Bag dimensions 800mm. x 170mm. x 140mm.
  • Track length 780mm. each
  • Total track length per kit 2.34m.

Track and pad extensions are available in 780mm. increments.