VELVET EVO 1 Colour STUDIO Dustproof + Integrated AC Power Supply NO Yoke RGBWW LED Light Panel - VE1CSTNY

EVO 1 Studio IP51 Dustproof 1x1 RGBWW Colour LED Panel with Integrated AC Power Supply (No Yoke)

Includes: 1x EVO 1 Studio IP51 Panel & 1x PowerCon UK Power Cable

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VELVET EVO 1 Colour STUDIO Dustproof + Integrated AC Power Supply NO Yoke RGBWW LED Light Panel - VE1CSTNY

EVO 1 Studio is a dustproof, maintenance-free RGB+W+CW LED panel, which runs completely silent, with no fans to service. It operates exclusively on AC power and includes in and through DMX XLR5 connectors for daisychaining, Ethernet control through RJ-45 and wireless control through Art-Net Wi-Fi. Its low weight, slim 92mm/3.6” profile and industry-leading power efficiency speed up installation.


EVO´s ultra-white inner reflector focuses the light from each LED onto the front optic diffuser resulting in a super-soft, uniform, and natural look at any white light or color setting. VELVET’s softness is now EVO super-soft, with a beautiful wraparound light quality.

EVO’s 5LED R+G+B+W+CW) produce much saturated colors, a wider gamut and more natural white light than any competitor. 

Settings on one mode can be fine-tuned in any other. Any base white light can be set to combine with any color or gel.

EVO is kind to its operator with comfortable handles, rounded side panels and yoke, color display, shock-resistant buttons, quick-link accessory plate and multiple sliding ¼-20” rigging points. Setting up or reconfiguring from shot to shot is quick and easy.

EVO is a reliable partner on any location or in any studio. Its robust and weatherproof IP54 aluminum housing is 5kg /11 lb. lighter than its competitors, and operates 100% silently with no fans to service. And, EVO’s industry-leading efficiency allows for full light output using 14.4V batteries.

2x1 colour-tunable panel

EVO is an instrument made to extend your creative possibilities, to set up faster, and to remotely adjust on the fly on any location or any studio.

EVO offers everything you need from a professional colour light: industry-leading output-to-weight and output-to-watt ratios, the full output from standard 14.4V batteries, wireless control, solid reliability, silent fan-free operation and weatherproof ergonomic housing.

control modes

settings in one mode can be fine-tuned in any other

  • CCTWhite Light? Then CCT mode is perfect: Intensity, Kelvin and Green/Magenta


Using the VELVET GOYA App on any Android or IOS mobile device gives you instant full control over any EVO panel. You can create, save, load or share your own gels or user profiles, and use the app’s colour-picker to recreate colours from a photo or image. Your creative possibilities are unlimited.

The quick, precise and shareable VELVET GOYA App takes control and colour adjustment of the EVO panel to a new level. The HSI advanced mode even includes an intuitive and user-friendly 360º colour sphere interface. And with the EVO, settings made in one mode can be fine-tuned in any other mode.

total control

EVO features wireless DMX from LumenRadio, and EVO is RDM-enabled for fast addressing and channel-assignment workflow. With the DMX master/slave function, start with one fixture and link several fixtures through DMX and operate them all in unison without a console!


GEL mode lets you select from a wide variety of standard gels and practical light sources. EFFECTS are fully adjustable for colour, speed and frequency.
The EVO 5LED technology lets you set your colour in one mode and fine-tune it in any other mode, as well as layer any colour over any white light colour temperature.

You can further adjust gels or effects to create, save, load and share your own presets as user profiles, or use the VELVET GOYA colour picker to recreate colours from a photo or an image.

Your creative possibilities are unlimited!



COLOR TEMPERATURE continuously adjustable from 2500K to 10.000K

LIGHT INTENSITY dimmable from 0 to 100, smooth and flicker-free

GREEN-MAGENTA continuously adjustable (full minusgreen to full plusgreen)

COLOR SPECTRUM full color spectrum R+G+B+W+CW with hue, saturation, and base color temperature control

base Kelvin white light can be set combined with any color

LOCAL CONTROL with 8x shock resistant buttons and color display

WIRE CONTROL DMX-RDM with XLR-5 in & through connectors Ethernet Art-Net with RJ-45 connector



DIMENSIONS 453 x 318 x 128mm / 17.8 x 12.5 x 5 inches

PANEL WEIGHT 5.6 kg / 12.3 lbs

PANEL + YOKE WEIGHT 6.1 kg / 14.4 lbs

POWER 100W (0.9 Amps at 110 VAC)

POWER SUPPLY 90-264V AC 50/60Hz

LED RATED LIFE more than 50.000 hours

COOLING silent and fan-free pasive cooling

PROTECTION IP51 dustproof, indoor or outdoor use

CONSTRUCTION & FINISH fixture and yoke made of black powdercoated extruded and sheet aluminum

RIGGING OPTIONS aluminum yoke with 16mm baby receptacle combined with 28mm junior pin, multiple 1/4”- 20 rigging points, pole operated yoke.


INCLUDES: integrated AC power supply, 1x DC in XLR-3, DMX in&out XLR-5, Mini-USB, VELVET WIFI ArtNet, 1x RJ45 Ethernet, 1x PowerCon TRUE1 power cable 3.5 mts