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USED Sony SRW-9000 2/3-inch IT CCD sensor HDCAM SR camcorder with HDVF-C35W Colour Viewfinder


USED Sony SRW-9000 2/3-inch IT CCD sensor HDCAM SR camcorder with HDVF-C35W Colour Viewfinder

We currently have a USED Sony SRW-9000 HDCAM-SR camcorder IN Excellent condition supplied with the Sony Colour viewfinder the HDVF-C35W

Ultimate Next Generation Camcorder

The SRW-9000 is the perfect choice for anyone seeking ultimate picture quality and the highest levels of creative freedom from a camcorder. Its state-of-the-art 2/3-inch IT CCD and ultra-reliable HDCAM SR tape-based recording system deliver stunning images with ultra-low noise and high sensitivity. Despite its advanced technology, the 9000 is highly robust with a rugged one-piece camcorder body and familiar film-camera style ergonomics. The 9000 utilises a new high-end modular camcorder platform that allows different imaging and storage blocks to be fitted. The SRW-9000PL will be available later this year, as will an upgrade kit (HKSR-90PL) for every existing 9000., The Super 35mm CCD sensor offers exactly the same sensitivity, signal to noise and Dynamic range as the F35 together with full RGB ramping from 1 to 50 FPS.

2011 will bring the SR Memory solid state recording options already planned as part of a strategy of continual development. Originally developed as the ultimate mastering and post-production format, HDCAM SR recording represents the apex of video recording technology. In standard configuration, the SRW-9000 is capable of top-quality 4:2:2 Y/Cb/Cr 10-bit recording at 1080/23.98P, 24P, 25P, 29.97P, 50P, 59.94P and 1080/50i and 59.94i. In addition, the SRW-9000 can record 4:2:2 720/50P and 59.94P signals, which can be used for DTV programming and transmission applications. For users who require further creative performance, a variety of option cards can be added, allowing you to benefit from full-bandwidth 1080 RGB 4:4:4 capturing, SR Motion variable frame rate capturing and recording, S-Log Gamma, and additional signal inputs and outputs. Both now and into the future, the SRW-9000 will help ignite a passion for stunning visual productions in digital cinema, commercial programs, TV dramas, and documentaries.

Future-proof and customisable

The SRW-9000 is designed to accommodate the changes necessary to ensure today's best camcorder is also tomorrow's. Its state-of-the-art 2/3-inch sensor can be upgraded with the same Super 35mm sensor used in Sony's F35, while the internal HDCAM SR tape deck can be swapped out for a revolutionary Solid State unit. Already available upgrade modules for 4:4:4 RGB and variable frame rate recording, to ensure you can tailor the SRW-9000 to your specific requirements. Sony is committed to making sure your investment in HDCAM SR delivers the best possible value over an unrivalled life-span.

Outstanding picture quality

The SRW-9000 is built using Sony's decades of experience at the cutting edge of broadcast and feature film production with digital technology. The incredible bandwidth capabilities of HDCAM SR and other technical specifications cannot do justice to imagery which can only be understood by seeing actual HDCAM SR footage yourself.

Exceptional ergonomics for filmmakers

The SRW-9000's chassis is a development of the film-style ergonomics Sony designed for the F23/F35, utilising a completely different layout compared to the traditional broadcast TV approach of other cameras from Sony. For camera operators used to working with film, the SRW-9000 makes it easy to adapt.

Outstanding operational mobility

The SRW-9000's rugged one-piece body with self-contained, ultra-reliable HDCAM SR recording deck, offers incredible operational mobility both indoors and outside. Furthermore, Sony's BP-GL Series of onboard batteries can be attached to further extend shooting times.

A heritage you can trust

The SRW-9000 builds on the unrivalled reputation of Sony's Emmy-Award winning HDW-F900, the first '24P-capable' CineAlta camcorder exclusively developed to meet the demand for highest picture quality and creative versatility in prime time TV production, commercial production and movie making. The F900 and its successor, the F900R, have an illustrious heritage of over a decade's service at the very highest levels in creative production. More recently, HDCAM SR has become established as the worldwide standard for highest quality mastering and post-production.

Breathtaking HDCAM SR Picture Quality

The SRW-9000 is a one-piece HDCAM-SR camcorder that delivers full HD resolution images and employs 2/3-type IT CCD. Combining this CCD with a high-precision 14-bit A/D converter and digital signal processing, the camcorder is able to capture and reproduce stunning-quality 1080/60P and 1080/50P images with low noise and high sensitivity.

Upgradeable Imaging and Storage Options

The SRW-9000 is the first to be based on a new high-end modular camcorder platform that allows different imaging and storage blocks to be fitted. A Super 35mm CCD sensor and SR Memory solid state recording pack options are already planned as part of a strategy of continual development. Even if you buy the very first SRW-9000, you can be confident of its upgrade path to meet future requirements.

Full-bandwidth RGB 4:4:4 Digital Image Capturing

With the addition of the optional HKSR-9003 RGB 4:4:4 Processing Board, the SRW-9000 offers a full-bandwidth digital 4:4:4 high-definition Red, Green, and Blue signal processing and output capability for highly demanding picture productions. The SRW-9000 also offers S-LOG Gamma with the same optional board, allowing users to flexibly adjust images in the post-production process.

Variable Frame Rate Image Capturing

By adding the HKSR-9002 Picture Cache Board, the SRW-9000 is capable of recording images at a variable frame rate from 1 fps to 60 fps in 4:2:2 mode. And by combining the HKSR-9002 with the HKSR-9003, it can perform the same function even in 4:4:4 mode.

Wide Choice of Viewfinders

The SRW-9000 accepts three types of the viewfinder, including the HDVF-20A/200, HDVF-C35W, and HDVF-C30WR. The newly introduced HDVF-C30WR is especially suited for use with the SRW-9000, offering improved focus assist functions, a colour brightness level indicator, and numerous other beneficial features. Moreover, with pre-installed Monitor LUTs (look-up tables) for S-Log Gamma, this viewfinder provides users with easier focus adjustment and excellent picture quality. The MLUT (monitor LUT) is also available on the monitor output as well as the viewfinder.

Versatile Gamma Settings

Including unique S-LOG Gamma (HKSR-9003), HyperGamma, and customisable gamma curve (standard).

Picture Cache Re-recording Capability

Everything captured up to a maximum of three seconds before the REC button is pressed is recorded to HDCAM SR tape when the camcorder is in standby mode.

I/O Expandability

When using the HKSR-9001, additional dual-link HD-SDI outputs, now also supporting 3G capability, and an additional AUX input port are provided, allowing the camcorder to be connected with an external audio multiplexing device.

Wide Range of Accessories

The SRW-9000 is compatible with a wide range of accessories for the HDW-F900, F23, SRW-1, and from ARRI.



Approx. 6.5 kg (excluding handle and control panel)
Power Requirements
DC 12 V +5.0 V/-1.0 V
Power Consumption
Approx. 57 W*1
Operating Temperature
0°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature
-20°C to +60°C
Continuous Operating Time
Approx. 80 min with BP-GL95A battery
Dimensions (W x H x D)*1
148 x 211 x 330 mm (excluding handle and protruding parts)
Recording Format (Video)
Video: HDCAM-SR 440 Mbps, HDCAM-SR 880 Mbps
Recording/Playback Time (MPEG HD)
HDCAM-SR 440 Mbps: 4:2:2, 4:4:4SQ: 40 min (30p), 50 min (24p) 
HDCAM-SR 880 Mbps: 4:4:4HQ: 20 min (30p), 25 min (24p), 4:2:2, 4:4:4SQ: 20 min (60p), 24 min (50p)


Lens Mount
Special made rugged 2/3-inch type Sony bayonet mount (B4)


Genlock Input
BNC (x1), 1.0 Vp-p, 75 Ω
Timecode Input
BNC (x1), 0.5 V to 18 Vp-p, 10 Ω
Audio Input
XLR-type 3-pin (female) (x2), Line/Mic/Mic +48 V selectable
Test Output
BNC (x1), (switchable) 
HD Y/ SD composite (character On/Off)
SDI Output
HD-SDI: SMPTE 292M (embedded audio, timecode, character on/off) 
BNC (x2), (w/HKSR-9001 option) 
HD-SDI 1.5G Single Link: SMPTE 292M (w/embedded audio, timecode) 
HD-SDI 1.5G Dual Link: SMPTE 372M (w/embedded audio, timecode) 
3G-SDI Single Link: SMPTE 424M (w/embedded audio, timecode)
Timecode Output
BNC (x1), 1.8 Vp-p, 1 kΩ
Earphone Output
Mini-jack (x1), (stereo)
DC Input
XLR-type 4-pin (male) (x1), DC 11 V to 17 V
DC Output
4-pin (x1), DC 11 V to 17 V, Max. 0.5 A
12-pin (x1)
8-pin (x1)

Camera Section

Effective Picture Elements
1920 x 1080 (H x V) (for each of R, G, B)
Optical System
F1.4 prism
Built-in Optical Filters
A: 3200K, B: 4300K, C: 5600K, D: 6300K, E: ND0.3 (1/2ND) 
1: Clear, 2: ND0.6 (1/4ND), 3: ND1.2 (1/16ND), 4: ND1.8 (1/64ND), 5: CAP
Shutter Speed (Time)
Angle 360.0° to 4.3° 
Continuous Mode (ECS)*3
Sensitivity (2000 lx, 89.9% reflectance)
T11 ISO580 (29.97PsF)
Smear Level
-135 dB (typical)
S/N Ratio
55 dB
Horizontal Resolution
1,000 TV lines