USED Sennheiser SKM 5200 BK-D Wireless Microphone with ME 5002 capsule

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USED Sennheiser SKM 5200 BK-D Wireless Microphone with ME 5002 capsule

The Microphone and Capsule are in Excellent Working condition


  • Up to 184 MHz switching bandwidth

  • Low-intermodulation mode (LoI)

  • Switchable output power

  • Award-winning design

  • Audio sensitivity adjustable in steps of 1 dB from -40 to 0 dB

  • 2 AA batteries for at least 7 hrs of operating time

  • Frequencies adjustable in steps of 5 kHz

  • Convenient jog dial

  • Switchable low-cut

The SKM 5200-II is the next evolution of the SKM 5200 world-class microphone. Robust, reliable and user-friendly, the professional hand-held transmitter is suitable for every conceivable type of recording and transmission situation. The mechanics, electronics and operating concept were designed to meet the highest requirements of live events.

This is why, for example, the SKM 5200-II now offers a switching bandwidth of up to 184 MHz. The "HiDyn plus™" noise suppression system developed by Sennheiser reduces RF noise to an absolute minimum, ensuring a wide dynamic range and crystal-clear sound. Programming is extremely flexible: the SKM-II 5200 has both a fixed and a variable channel bank. All parameters are shown on a backlit LCD; they can be locked to prevent accidental adjustment and checked within seconds.

The SKM 5200-II is available in four frequency variants - L, N, N-US and P - as well as in three colours: black, nickel and steel blue (haematite). The hand-held transmitter is compatible with all capsules, battery and rechargeable battery compartments of the 5000 series as well as with Neumann microphone heads.

Sennheiser MD 5235 - Dynamic microphone capsule for SKM 5200


  • Rugged sound inlet basket for rough stage use

  • Shock-mounted capsule minimizes handling noise and vibration

  • Floating Directivity: The directivity changes from narrow super-cardioid at very high frequencies over cardioid to wide cardioid at very low frequencies. By this means, high-frequency feedback is effectively rejected while the low-end sounds rich and full. Furthermore, the proximity effect is reduced as well as the sensitivity to wind and handling noise.

  • High feedback rejection

  • Very good vocal projection

  • High speech intelligibility

  • Powerful sound for live vocal performances

  • Hum compensating coil protects against electromagnetic interference

  • Very lightweight aluminium voice coil for excellent transient and good treble response

  • Available in black and nickel

  • Compatible with SKM 5200 and SKM 5000

The capsule design is based on the capsules used in the vocal microphones of the Sennheiser e900 series. The MD 5235 has been acoustically optimized for loud stage use, its sound characteristics allowing the vocalist to cut through high sound levels on stage.

  • Color
  • RF frequency range
    614 - 798 MHz
    470 - 866 MHz
  • Dimensions
    Without capsule:
    length (without capsule): 200 mm, diameter: 35.5 mm
  • Frequency response (Microphone)
    60 - 20000 Hz
  • Compander
    HiDyn plus
  • THD, total harmonic distortion
    < 0,5%
  • Weight
    approx. 300 g (incl. BA 5000-2, excl. capsule)
  • Storage temperature
    -25 °C à +70 °C
  • Operating temperature
    -10 °C à +55 °C
  • Signal-to-noise ratio
    typ. 110 dB (A) eff
  • RF output power
    typ. 50 mW
  • RF output power
    10 mW
  • Number of channels
    Frequency bank "FIX" with up to 59 factory-preset frequencies
    Frequency bank "VAR" with 20 freely selectable frequencies (frequencies tunable in steps of 5 kHz)
  • Switching bandwidth
    Up to 184 MHz
  • Peak deviation
    +/- 56 kHz
  • Nominal deviation
    +/- 40 kHz
  • Operating time
    with B 5000-2: PWR.LO approx. 13 h / PWR.HI approx. 7 h 30 min / PWR.LoI approx. 7 h 30 min, with BA 5000-2: PWR.LO approx. 12 h 40 min / PWR.HI approx. 7 h 20 min / PWR.LoI approx. 7 h 20 min
  • Power supply
    B 5000-2 battery pack (1.5 V AA-size batteries) or BA 5000-2 rechargeable battery pack
  • Current consumption
    PWR.LO: approx. 140 mA, PWR.HI: approx. 195 mA , PWR.LoI: approx. 195 mA
  • Input voltage range
    -40 ... 0 dB adjustable in steps of 1 kHz
  • High pass filter
    flat, 120 Hz, 190 Hz switchable