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Used Ross oG3 Frame Rack with DEA-8805 (x2) & VEA-8707A (x1) Open Frame Cards

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Used Ross oG3 Frame Rack with DEA-8805 (x2) & VEA-8707A (x1) Open Frame Cards 


We currently have 2x Used ROSS oG3 rack frames each with 2x DEA-8805 Dual High-Performance Equalizing Distribution Amplifier Cards and 1x VEA-8707A Analog Video Equalizing Distribution Amplifier Card in EACH Rack Frame


openGear® 3.0 is the evolution of the industry’s first and only open hardware and software platform. The next generation openGear® frame, OG3-FR combines function, flexibility and power with advanced features like high powered 450 watt redundant power supplies, Gigabit Ethernet access to every card slot, 20 openGear® card slots, dedicated 21st and 22nd card slots for network control and internal reference distribution, and a front LCD display for easy frame, IP address and fault identification.


The DEA-8805 is a 2 channel, HD / SD equalizing amplifier, redesigned using the latest technology and optimized to achieve the industry’s best EQ performance offering cable lengths up to 200m at HD. Equalization is performed on all common serial digital signals, including HD / SD SDI. Non-inverting output drivers, using the -R2 rear module, makes this ideal for distributing DVB-ASI signals as well.

With up to 8 outputs per independent input channel, the DEA-8805 can be used in space critical environments as a dual 1×8 DA, when paired with the –R2H HD-BNC rear module. This configuration allows for up to 20 1×8 DAs in a single openGear® frame, using 10 cards. With the standard 10 BNC rear module, -R2, the DEA-8805 operates as a dual 1×4 distribution amplifier.

Each channel is fully independent and can run at different data rates. LED indicators at the front of the module identify the presence of incoming video and the data rate for each independent channel.


The VEA-8707A analogue equalizing amplifier has been specially developed for use with the openGear® HD / SD SDI frame. Use of this amplifier eliminates the need for a separate analogue frame in a mixed digital and analogue system.

This amplifier has been designed to manage a wide range of analogue video signals with 8 outputs providing precision cable equalization for numerous cable types.

Temperature drift effects are non-existent by use of the latest analogue ASIC technology combined with meticulous product engineering. The power to each card is individually fused to prevent failure of any one card from affecting the rest of the system.

oG3 Frame

Flexibility, power and control from the 3rd generation of the openGear® platform. The broadcast world’s first and only open-hardware platform, and your platform of choice for your broadcast infrastructure needs.


Modular Frame Architecture
The OG3-FR offers the flexibility of independent rear modules for connectivity to a wide array of interfaces such as BNC, twisted-pair audio, and fiber. The independent rear modules are available in different I/O configurations for select cards, including high density split rear modules allowing up to 20 independent openGear® cards in the OG3 frame.

Robust Power Supplies
The OG3-FR can accommodate 2 front-loaded PS-OG3 power supplies. The split outside location of the power supplies makes installation a breeze when utilizing an alternate phase power source. A single 450 watt supply can fully power a loaded frame, and the addition of a second (optional) supply gives the frame full power redundancy. Each power supply contains an independent cooling fan, status LED, and a front mounted power switch.

The OG3-FR frame has been designed with an advanced cooling architecture with increased ventilation. Front door mounted cooling fans provide forced air cooling to all cards with front to back airflow. An intelligent fan controller adjusts fan speed with changes in power supply loading and temperature. The front door assembly can be removed without tools for quick and easy maintenance.

The OG3-FR comes standard with Ethernet connectivity for basic configuration and monitoring of openGear® cards through the DashBoard control system. An optional advanced networking card, the MFC-8322-N, adds an on-board Gigabit Ethernet switch, with GigE access to each of the 20 processing card slots. The advanced networking control also allows multiple DashBoard connections and adds advanced features such as DataSafe and optional SNMP.

Gigabit Ethernet
The openGear® 3.0 frame offers optional gigabit Ethernet to every slot within the OG3-FR chassis, enhancing communication speed, and connection options to all openGear® cards. The openGear® 3.0 frame provides more communication options and flexibility to openGear® card manufacturers; ultimately enhancing the openGear® platform and experience. The 21-port Ethernet switch, built in to the frame’s network control card, future-proofs the openGear® 3.0 platform for users and openGear® partners for years to come. Gigabit Ethernet is only available with the Advanced Network Control option.

openGear® supports SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) offering an industry standard interface for system wide monitoring applications.

SNMP is loaded direct to the frame eliminating the need for any external gateways and runs on a separate software port allowing for simultaneous control from both DashBoard and SNMP clients. This is useful in applications where system wide monitoring is performed using SNMP and real-time control is performed using DashBoard. Learn more…

DataSafe dramatically reduces downtime when failed modules are swapped out. All module parameters are stored on the local frame network card and automatically restored when a hot-swap is performed. With some cards reaching well over 100 parameters, including audio channel delays and video proc level, DataSafe ensures a proper reconfiguration of replacement cards without the hassle of trying to remember previous settings.

DataSafe can be enabled or disabled on a per slot basis through the frame’s network controller card. DataSafe’s intelligent design will only restore parameters when it detects a compatible replacement product. DataSafe is only available with the advanced networking control option.


DEA-8805 x2

Dual High Performance Equalizing Distribution Amplifier

2 independent channels of HD / SD SDI distribution.



  • 2 independent channels of SDI distribution on one card
  • Equalizes all SDI signals from 143Mb/s to 1.485Gb/s
  • Non-inverting outputs, using the -R2 rear module, perfect for DVB-ASI distribution
  • Input EQ HD – 200m @1.485Gb, SD -500m @270Mb
  • Automatic detection of incoming data rate
  • Standard BNC and HD-BNC rear module I/O options 
  • Up to 20 channels of 1×8 distribution in a single frame
  • LED indicators for signal presence and data rate for each channel
  • Excellent input / output return loss specifications
  • 10 DEA-8805 cards in the OG3-FR frames
  • 5-year transferable warranty


VEA-8707A x1

Analog Video Equalizing Distribution Amplifier

Distribution and equalization of analog signals in a mixed digital / analog system without the need for a separate frame.



  • Precision equalization of 3 selectable coaxial cable types up to 300m
  • Single-control equalization for quick installation
  • AC or DC input coupling
  • 8 outputs
  • Back porch clamping
  • Supports tri-level sync distribution 
  • Clamping speed selectable
  • Differential input for ground loop hum rejection
  • ±3dB of gain adjustment
  • 26ns propagation delay
  • 5-year transferable warranty
  • Power: 1.6 watts