Tilta MB-T05 4x4 Light-Weight Swing-Away Matte Box

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Tilta MB-T05 4x4 Light-Weight Swing-Away Matte Box


• 15mm rod clamp
• Lightweight construction
• Metal Top flag
• Swing away design

TiLTA MB-T05 Light-Weight Matte Box is a combination of aluminium housing and PVC material. Perfect for shooters on the go. Portable, light-weight and easy to attach and detach from your 15mm rail system. The flexible rubber hood weighs almost nothing, so great for gimbal and stedicam users that need a matte box under 1kg to keep the weight down. It still supports x2 4x4 filters and a neat foldable metal top flag. 

The 2 different lens adapter rings can completely block the light between the lens and the hood, This prevents light leaking from behind the lens and reflecting off filters and flaring your image. The elastic nuns knickers attach to the standard 110mm adapter ring which can be used for lenses with smaller diameters.  

The swing away design works wonderfully as the mechanism is simple and effective, ensuring fast and accurate lens changes without any hassle. 

The back of the matte box features a 114mm opening for lenses, and it comes with 80, 90 , and 110mm diameter lens adapters. The fabric donut (Nun's Knickers) attaches to the 110mm adapter ring, for use with smaller diameter lenses. The matte box features a removable top flag (eyebrow) that attaches to a hinge so that you can precisely set the flag at the edge of frame to block light sources from flaring your frame.


1x TiLTA MB-T05 Mattebox
1x Top French flag
2x EVA lens adaptor rings, 80, 90mm 
1x Nuns knickers
2x 4x4 filter holders