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Tiffen Film Look DV Kit with Waist Pack

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Tiffen Film Look DV Kit with Waist Pack

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Tiffen 44DVFLK 4X4 Film Look DV Kit with Waist Pack


Special Multiple Filter Kits Designed for Digital Video

Create a new look with the "secret tools" of the movie industry! Tiffen brings you three DV kits that take the guesswork out of which filter to use in a variety of shooting situations. These kits are designed primarily for professional shooters using prosumer DV cameras to produce results that are more pleasing, less harsh and less brassy.


"Film Look" DV Kit

Create Different Variations of the “Film Look”



1x Black Diffusion FX® ½,

1x Black Pro-Mist® ½,

1x Warm Black Diffusion FX® ¼,

1x Soft/FX® 1, 4-

1x Pocket Filter Pouch

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