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Teradek Bond 3G and 4G Bonding Solution - TER-BOND

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Teradek Bond 3G and 4G Bonding Solution - TER-BOND

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Teradek Bond 3G and 4G Bonding Solution. Camera Mounting, Small and Powerfull - TER-BOND

TERADEK BOND 3G/4G Cellular Bonding Solution

Stream Over Multiple Cellular Networks

Bond enables streaming 1080p HD video over five 3G/4G cellular modems from carriers worldwide. The device aggregates bandwidth from several cellular connections simultaneously and uses them in parallel to create a single, higher capacity connection for broadcasting over the Internet. Whether you are streaming directly to the Web or feeding content back to the control room, the Teradek Bond can transmit video to nearly any platform.

Send Your Content Anywhere

The Teradek Bond enables you to transmit your live HD content directly to the Internet or back to your station with the option to monitor your live feed on your iOS device. Bond’s revolutionary Adaptive Internet Streaming technology constantly adjusts the video bit rate in real time to adapt to varying network conditions. This will ensure that your content is delivered reliably and at the highest quality possible to its destination.

Sputnik Server

Sputnik is Teradek’s software interface between Bond and your streaming destination. Sputnik is designed to run on a Linux computer either in the cloud (using Amazon’s EC2 services) or on a local server with a single, publicly addressable TCP port. Sputnik recombines the various video feeds from Bond into a cohesive stream that can then be sent to an H.264 decoder or played back online.

Teradek Bond allows on-location video transmission over mobile networks by combining multiple 3G dongles to give fast reliable upload speeds at a fraction of the cost and size of alternatives. 

Quality video can be uploaded to the internet or to a receiver from anywhere with a 3G network from this camera mounted device. The combination of Cube and Bond is the smallest, lowest power and most cost effective 3G bonding solution available.

Bond and Sputnik Tutorials

Key Features

HD Streaming Over Multiple 3G Networks
Achieved by incorporating cutting edge technologies such as low power hardware-based video compression and advanced streaming options like MPEG-TS, RTMP, with Teradek's revolutionary Adaptive Internet Streaming technology, which constantly adjusts bit rate and buffering on the fly based on varying network conditions.

Includes MPEG-TS Compliant AGGREGATION Software: Sputnik To re-combine the multiple data streams, we have developed Sputnik, Teradek's proprietary aggregation software. Sputnik is available as a free download and can be run on any Linux server or hosted in the cloud to reconstruct your video into a single MPEG-TS stream that is compatible with most H.264 IP decoders, including the Cube decoder -- the smallest and lowest priced H.264 to HD-SDI decoder available.

Teradek Bond is compatible with CUBE-155CUBE-150CUBE-250 and CUBE-550.


  • Allows on location video transmission over mobile networks
  • HD Streaming Over Multiple 3G Networks
  • Includes MPEG-TS Compliant AGGREGATION Software: Sputnik
  • Compatible with CUBE-155, CUBE-150, CUBE-250 and CUBE-550

* Requires CUBE-155, CUBE-150 / CUBE-250 / CUBE-550

** The optional MPEG-TS software licence is required in order to stream from Bond to a decoder



  • Teradek Bond
  • USB cable
  • Teracentral Management software
  • Hot shoe mounting adapter
  • Power supply: 110-240V AC adaptor included
  • Sputnik: MPEG-TS compliant aggregation software

Teradek Firmware Version 7.2.3

New Features

  • None

Changes and Improvements

  • Allow 854x480, 720x480 resolutions when 50Hz input is detected
  • Bond modem configurations are now exported with Cube's user settings
  • Wowza configuration option is included by default

Bug Fixes

  • Bond Pro video stream would flicker intermittently
  • Bond was not disabled after removing the Bonding license
  • Cube Pro Wi-Fi routing failed on boot up
  • Changes to Max bitrate setting did not take effect when using Sputnik Direct
  • Adaptive bitrate was always enabled when using Sputnik Direct
  • Livestream 'Post Event' feature did not work when streaming via Sputnik
  • Analog audio channel gain was mismatched
  • Analog audio output was not configured correctly on the decoder
  • IFB audio was not initialized correctly
  • Link configuration changes were not saved if made via the front panel

Firmware Version 7.2.1

Release Notes
New Features

    Added support for Canon HDMI time code and start/stop with Proxy Recording


    Improved modem status detection on Bond
    Improved RTMP auto-start and auto-reconnect behavior
    Enabled system time configuration for decoders
    Combined FPGA upgrade with codec firmware upgrade

Bug Fixes

    Broadcast recording did not work if auto-start was enabled
    Some front panel status icons were not displayed correctly on Cube, Cube Pro
    Decoder analog audio output was not correctly initialized
    Decoder IFB configuration could not be applied
    Encoders in ZiXi mode would restart if their destination could not be reached
    Brik would fail to connect to RTMP servers
    MPEG-TS audio was set to AAC even if MPEG2 was selected
    Wi-Fi status LED was not displayed correctly on Cube x20 models
    Modems connected to Link would take too long to reconnect

Download the latest Firmware and Software

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