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Tecpro TPLINI-C Fillini Click

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Tecpro TPLINI-C Fillini Click

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Tecpro TPLINI C Fillini Click 


Tecpro TPLINI-C (TPLINIC) Fillini Click On Board LED with ball head   The Fillini Click is actually 50% brighter than the standard Fillini and is also stackable.  The compact unit has three powering options: It can be powered from a DC input using existing power cables accessories from other Tecpro products.   There is also a Sony NP-F  DV battery shoe attachment.   Finally there is also the option of powering from 5 AA batteries that are placed into the compartment under the Sony battery shoe.   Power Consumption: Fillini Click on AA:                    45 min Fillini Click on NPF 550:        1½ / 2 h   Multiple Fillini Clicks’ can be attached together vertically and horizontally to create an even larger array which produces a more intense and softer throw of light. The Click also uses unbreakable magnetic filters to defuse the light and to switch very easily between tungsten and daylight colour temperatures.   The magnets allow the filters to click to the units easily, firmly and quickly making the unit very simple to use. Naturally the reflectors are designed to typical Tecpro products standards and are highly efficient, which produce very even light distribution.   Fillini Click - LED on-board light with ball head Fillini Click mounted on camera Fillini Click Stack 2 x 2 Fillini Click - Three in a Row

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