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Tecpro Felloni KIT-TP-LONI2-D50HO (KITTPLONI2D50HO) High Output Daylight Kit

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Tecpro Felloni

Tecpro Felloni KIT-TP-LONI2-D50HO (KITTPLONI2D50HO) High Output Daylight Kit

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Tecpro Felloni KIT-TP-LONI2-D50HO (KITTPLONI2D50HO) High Output Daylight 50 Degree LED 1x1 Light Kit with Stand & Case


The Tecpro Felloni range of lights have quickly established themselves as one of the go to lights in the rental market place, they are known for their superior colour properties and very robust build quality. The Felloni 2 is now the 2nd Generation of light panel and offer the most efficient watt per lumen ratio on the market. This means when used with batteries you get both output and battery life.

The Colour has also been improved in the 2nd Generation light with the advent of the latest generation LEDs, this helps with well saturated skin tones in both daylight and tungsten modes.



  • Good Colour reproduction (skin tones)
  • 30% more power compared to similar units (lumen per watt)
  • 50% Less power consumption - 24w (50w)
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Tough Water resistant rain proof housing
  • Distance Diffuser included
  • On board Dimmer unit -  with remote cable
  • DMX accessories available
  • V-Mount and D-Tap built in
  • V-Mount AC adapter included

Key Features


  • 1 x High Output Daylight Colour Felloni 2 Fixture
  • 1 x Stand (DST)
  • 1 x Single Soft Case (TPSC1)
Daylight Colour 5500K
Power input V-Mount (Built into unit) & V-Mount - Mains Transformer + DC input 10v – 16,8V
High Output Version 50w
LED Specification 576 LEDS allowing for a spread source and less specular dazzle
Size 30.4cm x 30.4cm x 7.6cm
Weight 2kg
Weight with accessories 2.5kg


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