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SWIT SC-304S Dual Channel Simultaneous V-Mount Charger

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SKU: SC-304S

SWIT SC-304S Dual Channel Simultaneous V-Mount Charger

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SWIT SC-304S Dual Channel Simultaneous V-Mount Charger 


2-ch Simultaneous Charger

The SC-304S has 2 V-mount plates and can charge 2 batteries simultaneously. The charging output is DC 14-20V, 1.9A each channel.

LED Charging Indicators for Each Channel
The SC-304S has LED charging indicators on the front panel, indicates the real time capacity of each channel by different colours when charging.

Optimal Charging Curve
Li-ion charging follows a two-period approach. The first period is constant-current. 

The battery is charged at the maximum charging rate. When the battery reaches a specified set-point voltage, charging circuits switch to the second period: the constant-voltage period. 

The charging circuit will provide only enough current to maintain the voltage, to prevent the battery from over charging.

Multiple Safety Protection Design

SWIT charger can identify different chemical types of batteries, and provide the correct charging program, to protect the batteries from over current, over charging, high temperature, etc.

Key Features:

  • V-mount battery charger
  • 2-ch simultaneous charging
  • LED charging indicators
  • Desktop style

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