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Steadicam ZEPHYR System Package

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SKU: Steadicam ZEPHYR System

Steadicam ZEPHYR System Package

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Steadicam ZEPHYR System Package 


Tiffen the manufacurer of the Steadicam are now based here with us at Pinewood studios, so if you need any demo of Tiffens Steadicam equipment please contact us at 3d broadcast and we can get that arraigned for you here at the world famous Pinewood Studios.



High Definition System - Standard Vest - High Definition 7" Monitor 

ZEBAHDBVZZ Zephyr Hi-Def System: Sled/AB Battery/Arm/Vest/HD Monitor/Hard Case/Accessories/800 Nit HD/SD

ZEBXHDBVZZ Zephyr Hi-Def System: Sled/V-Mount/Arm/Vest/HD Monitor/Hard Case/Accessories/800 Nit HD


High Definition System - Standard Vest - High Definition 7" Monitor With Battery Pkg

ZEBAHDAVZZ Zephyr Hi-Def System: Sled/AB-Mount/Arm/Vest/HD Monitor/Hard Case/ Accessories/(2)HC Batteries, Twin Charger

ZEBXHDPVZZ Zephyr Hi-Def System: Sled/V-Mount/Arm/Vest/HD Monitor/Hard Case/ Accessories/ (2) IDX DL9S, VL-2 Charger


High Definition System - Zephyr-V system, Standard Vest - High Definition 7" Monitor  with tally PCB, LED  Sensor & Return Monitor

ZECAHVBVZZ Zephyr-V System: Sled/AB-Mount/ Tally Sensor & return Monitor/Arm/Vest/Hard Case/Accessories

ZECXHVBVZZ Zephyr-V System: Sled/V-Mount/ Tally Sensor & return Monitor/Arm/Vest/Hard Case/Accessories


don't forget to buy a stand for this unit


steadicam zephyr first flight // stabilizer behind the scenes and test.m4v

Key Features

The Zephyr incorporates the same revolutionary features that previously won the coveted DV Professional Association’s “Best of Show” at NAB for Steadicam.

“Style, functionality,flexibility and affordability all wrapped within the  Steadicam Zephyr. A new innovative approach to camera stabilizer design, the Steadicam Zephyr has a host of “future proof” features that allow it to be a versatile and an ever-evolving essential tool for camera stabilization needs.


Features include: 
  • 9 to 23lbs.(4 to 10.4kg) net camera weight
  • Adjustable Iso-Elastic Arm™
  • Telescopic carbon fiber post
  • Connector rich base and stage
  • Dual axis vernier adjustable stage
  • Unparalleled Inertial control and dynamically adjustable base

The Zephyr vest design incorporates adjustable and pivoting shoulder buckles to assure a new comfort level for extended use.

Vest and pad covers are easily removed for cleaning or replacement offering extended durability.

The tools-free patented Iso-Elastic™ stabilizer Zephyr Arm supports 23lbs (10.4kg) of payload weight. The no-tools Arm /Vest interface allows for quick customization to the individual operator. “On the fly” weight adjustment frees the operator from dismounting the system to make changes. The open design of the arm has freedom of movement unknown in this weight class. The Zephyr adjustable and interchangeable arm post assembly is a feature usually found on more expensive systems.

The Steadicam Zephyr comes standard with a 7” Multi standard HD/SDI LCD 800 nit monitor that features enhanced image quality and a wide viewing angle, even under bright sunlight making it ideal for field production use. Input configurations include: Analog NTSC/PAL Composite Component/RGB with active loop through.
The Zephyr camera mounting stage was designed for enhanced mounting stability with standard HD and composite BNC video connectors, 2 x standard 3-pin LEMO power connectors and expandability ports for future accessories. The stage comes complete with a dual axis vernier adjustable mounting platform and extended camera mounting dovetail plate.
The Zephyr Sled Base features extendable rigid aluminum monitor and battery mounting rods, easily removable for compact storage or transport.  A single mounting rod release allows for quick set-ups and ease of dynamic and inertial adjustments.
Other features include:
  • Tilting and rotationally indexed monitor mount
  • Inertial control and adjustability via standard Steadicam balance weights
  • Balance control via standard ¼-20 mounting hole at the base of the sled and additional balance weights
  • Standard dovetail base for mounting of future options or accessories
  • Standard HD BNC video connectors
  • Standard 3-pin LEMO power connectors for additional power output or input via optional 2nd battery mount
  • Optional 2nd battery mount for parallel 12V capability or 24V capability
  • Anton Bauer or V-lock battery compatible
  • Telescopic, indexed carbon fiber main post with internal safety line
  • No tools post clamp
  • 7” HD/SDI Multi-standard LCD Monitor supplied as standard
  • No tools adjustable knurled gimbal handle with ergonomic handle
  • Standard Steadicam TANGO compatibility.
System Package Includes: (Specs Subject to Change)
  • Camera Mounting Chassis (Sled)
  • New X-Y Vernier Stage
  • Drop-in Dovetail Camera Mount
  • 2x Lemo Power Connector on stage
  • 2x BNC Connector on Stage (Composite and HD)
  • 12/24V Via 1x 3-Pin Lemo
  • HD Capable Via 1x BNC
  • 2-Section CF Post
  • AB Battery Mount (12/24V) (optional)
  • V-Lock Battery Mount (12/24V) (optional)
  • Dual Rod mounts for independent monitor and battery movement
  • Coiled Post Cable
  • 24V Capability (via after sales battery mount)
  • 1/4-20 Mounting for Base Weights
  • Inertial/Balance Control via Merlin weights
  • 9 to 23lbs. (4 to 10.4kg) net camera weight
  • Lightweight Vest ( Compact Vest optional )
  • Battery Mount ( IDX V- mount, Anton Bauer )
  • Docking Bracket
  • 12V Power Cable
  • 3 ft. light weight BNC video cable
  • Dovetail Plate
  • Rolling Hard Case
  • BNC to RCA Adaptor
  • RCA to BNC Adaptor
  • 2x Mounting screws
  • 2x Locating Pin
  • 2x Start Weight
  • 2x Middle Weight
  • No-tools Gimbal Clamp
  • Tango Compatible
  • Warranty Card
  • EFP/SK Instructional DVD
  • Owner’s Manual

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