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Steadicam WHM BG Wagner Horizon Module

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Steadicam WHM BG Wagner Horizon Module

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Steadicam WHM-BG (WHMBG) Wagner Horizon Module, Basic Grade CALL FOR LEAD TIME


STEADICAM ™ Wagner Horizon Module 

● Precise fully gyro-stabilized horizon display

● Power: 5 to 18VDC: 0.1A TYP., 0.2A MAX

● Displays accurate horizon level at any angle

● LED Display: 1.81”(46mm)L x 2.94”(75mm)W x .59”(15mm)H

● Sensors track the full 360 degree range

● Level Box: 2.5” (64mm)L x 2.5” (64mm)W x 1.16” (30mm)H

● Flexible, two-box solution (LED & Level box)

● Static Angular Accuracy: less than +/- 0.25 degrees  

● Invertible tri-color bubble or expanding bar
“Knight Rider” display.

● Dynamic Angular accuracy:     less than +/- 0.6 degrees typical, up to +/- 3 degrees max

● Selectable display styles ● 9V to 2.1mm Battery Adapter (815-0106) Included

● Adjustable display brightness, angle range

● Flexible mounting options            


Garrett Brown on the Steadicam WHM-BG Module

Key Features


 WHM-BG unit (Basic-Grade module):Dynamic Angular accuracy: 
less than +/- 0.6 degrees


NEW! WHM-BG Artificial Horizon Modules

"It has the potential to drastically improve operating skills, provides the first-ever reliable feedback to the fraction of a degree, regardless of accelerations in three axes. Starting, stopping, panning, tilting, cornering, and violent maneuvers don't destroy your visible horizon as they have done for 35 years of Steadicam operating! Until now, level-wise, we've been 'flying blind'."
- Garrett Brown
Steadicam Inventor
The WHM-BG is a precise, fully gyrostabilized horizon display, virtually immune to false readings. The unit measures the true angle of the sled to the horizon even while the operator pans, tilts, tracks, starts, or stops the rig.

The WHM-BG module features a bright, high-resolution, tri-color LED bar graph display with pixel smoothing for continuous, step-free level indication. Static angular resolution is less than 1/4 of a degree. 

Features and Benefits

True horizon indication:
Accurate readings regardless of the sled’s movement, so keeping the sled level is easier than ever.

Accurate readings at any tilt angle:
Sensors track the full 360 degree range Automatic low mode resetting

Flexible, two-box solution:
The slim LED Display is placed above or below the monitor, or anywhere convenient for the operator. The tethered Level Box is attached to the sled at any solid location.

Operator selectable “look and feel”:
Invertible tri-color bubble or expanding bar “Knight Rider” display. Adjustments include display brightness, angle range display, sensitivity, inversion, and zero level offset.

Individual factory sensor calibration of every unit ensures class leading performance for the life of the unit.

Optional cables and powering options


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