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Sony HKSR 5001 20 Format Conversion Board for SRW 5000 series

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SKU: HKSR-5001/20

Sony HKSR 5001 20 Format Conversion Board for SRW 5000 series

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Sony HKSR-5001/20 (HKSR500120) Format Conversion Board for SRW-5000 series HDCAM-SR studio recorders


* Provides a wide variety of format conversions such as upconversion and downconversion, from HD-SDI (both 1080 & 720) to SDI, and from 4:4:4 to 4:2:2 * 2-3 pull-down conversion capability * 1080/720P cross-conversion capability 


The HKSR-5001/20 is a format converter option board for SRW-5000 series HDCAM-SR studio recorders.

This /20 version offers 3G-SDI output and 1080 50/59.94p conversion only for SRW-5800/1 and SRW-5100/1.

Other features are same as previous model HKSR-5001. It creates 59.94 Hz or 60 Hz pictures from recordings made at 23.98 or 24 Hz, by inserting the appropriate 2-3 pulldown sequence. It also provides 720P/59.94 output signals from 1080i/59.94 tapes, and 1080i/59.94 output signals from 720P/59.94 tapes..

The HKSR-5001/20 can convert a 422 recording into a 444 output signal, and a 444 recording into a 422 output signal. This allows material shot in 422 Components to be archived in the 444 RGB domain. Also, 444 material can be easily converted to 422 for distribution. 4:2:2/4:4:4 conversion and vice versa requires the HKSR-5003 RGB4:4:4 Interface option.

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