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Sony HDCU 3300R HD Supermotion Camera Control Unit

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Sony HDCU 3300R HD Supermotion Camera Control Unit

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Sony HDCU-3300R (HDCU3300R) HD Supermotion Camera Control Unit 


The HDCU-3300R is dedicated to working with the HDC-3300R camera. It connects via a high speed version of the SMPTE Hybrid Optical Fibre. The transmission format is digital so there is no discernable degradation with fibre connections up to 2500m in length. The camera captures full HD resolution images (1920 x 1080), at three times the frame rate of the common production standards. In addition to the normal camera control function, the CCU processes the incoming image data and re-formats it onto 3 HD-SDI outputs for direct connection to the playback server.

The CCU also outputs a real-time HD signal from the camera for maximum operational flexibility.

  • 3x Speed Motion Capture

    When used with the HDC-3300R Super Motion camera, the HDCU-3300R delivers 150/180i high speed video to any HD Slow Motion server system, using 3x HDSDI BNC video cables. Full HD resolution picture capture at 3x normal frame rate ensures smooth slow motion replay of superb HD images for all sports applications.

  • Single Speed Outputs

    For live transmission, the HDCU-3300R includes a dedicated Digital Signal Processing chip to deliver conventional 50i/60i signals direct to the production switcher.

  • Digital Transmission System.

    The camera video is delivered to the base station over a digital fibre optic cable link, ensuring no loss in signal quality, even at cable lengths of up to 2.5 km.

  • Simple Integration with other Sony HD camera systems

    The HDCU-3300R uses the same control system as the HDC-1500/1000 camera family, ensuring simple system operation. Common connections for intercom, audio and remote control ease the system integration.

  • Comprehensive Video Outputs

    Both HD and SD video signals can be taken from the HDCU-3300R, for programme and monitoring purposes.

Key Features

  • 3U full rack unit


  • Enhanced range of output signals

    The HDCU-3300R provides up to 8 SDI outputs, 4 of which are assignable (in pairs) as either HD or SD. A high performance downconvertor is included, to deliver the SD signals, and aspect ratio conversion can be carried out if required. Character display and other system information can be superimposed on 2 of the outputs for monitoring purposes. A downconverted VBS (composite analogue) output is also available for picture monitoring.

  • Expandable Outputs

    2 Expansion slots are available for additional output interface cards (common to HDCU-1000 and 1500), if additional outputs or signal formats are required.

  • TCP-IP control interface

    In addition to standard 700 series control I/F, the HDCU-3300R includes an Ethernet interface, offering alternative control system architecture.

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