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Sierra Video


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Sierra Video SV-SM-12 SierraView Multi-Viewer, 12-input multi-viewer, 1RU


SierraView, from Sierra Video, is a full-featured high resolution family of multi-viewers that provides a flexible and cost-effective way of combining and displaying multiple images (or “tiles”) on a video display device. SierraView is designed for extreme versatility, allowing tile content, size, labels and positioning as well as display background to be changed to suit any application. Clocks, timers, time-code readers, UMDs, tallies and event indicators are easily generated as required.

SierraView SV-SM Series multi-viewers offer up to 16 video inputs (HD-SDI, SDI, and two DVI-I) and are housed in a 1RU frame - perfect for small broadcast and Pro AV applications.

Key Features


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  • Up to 16 video inputs: HD-SDI, SDI, composite, 2 x DVI-I (up to 3G 1080p)
  • DVI-I output up to 1080p60 (1920x1080) in 16:9
  • Displays up to 256 channels of embedded audio
  • Analog audio monitor output, four pairs of audio derived from any source
  • Streamed audio monitor output on the LAN, up to 4 pairs of audio derived from any source
  • Alarms, under monitor displays, clock display
  • Genlocked inputs for flicker-free and full frame operation
  • Subtitles, teletext (analog), AFD, WSS, VITC decoding and monitoring
  • Hot-swappable audio/video input/output cards
  • Dual internal load sharing power supplies
  • Front key panel with 10x screen layout preset buttons
  • Displays up to 32 channels of external analog or AES/EBU audio - optional
  • Demuxes up to 32 channels of embedded analog or AES/EBU audio - optional


Optional Configurations :


SV-SM-8 — 8-input multi-viewer, 1RU
SV-SM-12 — 12-input multi-viewer, 1RU
SV-SM-16 — 16-input multi-viewer, 1RU




The SierraView SV-SM Series allows multiple video channels, audio channels, audio meters, clocks and data to be integrated into a single display, or to be distributed and integrated among several displays for sophisticated studio monitoring and control purposes. It provides considerable flexibility with full audio support, easy browser configuration and control, as well as sophisticated alarms reporting. SV-SM Series multi-viewers are the ideal solution for compact monitoring in smaller OB vans, editing suites, master control or digital playout facilities.

SV-SM multi-viewers handle virtually any video format up to HD 1080p, 3Gbps. BNC and DVI-I connectors on the rear panel handle all video inputs. The SV-SM Series provides DVI-I output up to 1080p60 (1920x1080) in 16:9, for use with the highest quality LCD displays.

Extensive audio metering and monitoring support is a standard feature of all SierraView models. Up to 256 channels of audio bargraphs may be superimposed on the video, placed outside of the video or displayed in a dedicated tile. The bargraphs offer a choice of scales/ballistics and a loudness display option. Audio may be embedded or external analog or AES/EBU. Most international standard scales and ballistics (including Loudness) are supported and may be set by the user.

SV-SM Series multi-viewers provide alarms for video, audio and metadata with outputs to tallies, GPIs/GPOs, LAN and SNMP traps, allowing connection of the SV-SM-8, SV-SM-12 or SV-SM-16 with external monitoring systems.

The browser interface has been designed to make SierraView models very easy to use and enables all parameters to be quickly adjusted or pre-set configurations to be recalled, or played out as scheduled events. The optional remote panel (REMOTE-sv) has ten buttons which enable pre-set configurations to be instantly recalled.




Video, up to 16 auto-sense (HD-SDI/SDI/composite) video inputs (4 inputs per video input card)
composite video 
Internal audio inputs
Embedded audio, up to 16 channels per video feed, 256 channels total
External audio (optional)
Analog, up to 32 channels (16 pairs)
AES/EBU, up to 32 channels (16 pairs)
Audio data derived from the DATA-xx audio metering unit, via LAN, up to 64 channels (analog or AES/EBU digital)

1 DVI-I output supporting resolutions up to 1080p60 (1920 x 1080, 16:9)
Compatible with displays handling XGA TG, XGA, 720p60, 720p50, SXGA, SXGA+, 1080p50, 1080p60
Video sources fully scalable and displayed in native format, 4:3 or 16:9
Audio monitoring output, up to 8 analog output channels standard 
Audio bargraphs may be superimposed on the video, placed outside of the video or displayed in a dedicated tile

On video inputs:
Video sync loss 
On metadata inputs:
VITC loss 
Subtitles loss 
Teletext loss 
V-chip loss
On audio inputs:
Embedded audio loss 
External audio loss 
Over level
Out of phase
With outputs to:
SNMP traps

Other Features
UMD via:
Keyboard (USB connector on front panel)
LAN via browser
RS-232/422 supporting TSL, Image Video or other protocols
Clock inputs via NTP or LTC
Up to 4 bitmap files can be uploaded and may be displayed simultaneously
GPI/GPO with 16 inputs, 8 outputs

1RU compact design
Control and configuration using browser software via the LAN
Video input cards:
VIP2 HD-SDI, SDI, DVI-I, s-Video, RGB/YUV, composite video formats
VIP1 SDI, DVI-I, s-Video, RGB/YUV, composite video formats
Audio input or output card consumes 1 slot
Input and output cards are hot-swappable
Dual PSUs provide load-sharing and backup
Power supply and fan failure LED indicators on front panel


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