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Shape 7000 V-Lock Quick Release Baseplate

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SKU: BP0007

Shape 7000 V-Lock Quick Release Baseplate

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Shape BP0007 7000 V-Lock Quick Release Baseplate (without handle)


  • Designed for ARRI standard cameras with ARRI rosette sockets

  • 15mm (8’’) rods at the front and (4’’) rods at the back

  • Compatible with all 15mm rod systems and optional 15mm studio or 19mm brackets

  • V-lock delta adapter at the bottom of base plate

  • Removable Velcro shoulder pad

  • Length-adjustable rods using red ratchet knobs on ROD BLOCs

  • Height-adjustable SLIDING ROD BLOC using black knob

  • Made of solid anodized aluminum


  • The BP007 BASE PLATE offers a unique design created for professional cameras like the Canon C300, the RED series, the SONY F3, EX1, EX3, the PANASONIC AF100/101, P2 and many other camera models with interchangeable lenses. 
  • Made of solid anodized aluminum, the BP007 is a perfect fit for Panasonic and Sony camera plates with its V-lock delta adapter at the bottom, and can therefore be used directly on the tripod.
  • Its new and improved design provides 3 slots on top of the plate for the user to work either in a centered or offset position (15mm studio).
  • The base plate also offers threaded holes at the back to attach accessories (1/4-20, 3/8-16). Its front bracket now allows the user to adjust the height quickly with an Allen key.
  • The front rod bracket can be switched from 15mm lightweight to 15mm studio or 19mm.
  • Adding a pair of our DOUBLE QUICK HANDLE ROSETTE, the BP007 transforms itself in our BP7000 which becomes a perfect solution for a well balanced handheld system.
  • Possibility to add to DOUBLE HANDLE ROD BLOC as well, as another option for HANDLES



BASEPLATE V-LOCK SERIE 7000Set contains:


- A15LW

- 15TUBE4

- 15 TUBE8

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