Samyang V-AF 24mm T1.9 FE Cine Auto-Focus Sony FE Mount Lens - 6853

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Autofocus, full frame, compact, fast aperture, wide-angle cine lens - Sony FE Mount

Samyang V-AF 24mm T1.9 FE Cine Auto-Focus Sony FE Mount Lens - 6853

Autofocus, full frame, compact, fast aperture, wide-angle cine lens - Sony FE Mount

Introducing the world's first cine auto-focus lens line-up, V-AF.
V-AF was created for all video creators, ranging from single-person video creators to small productions as well as filmmakers. With the development of interchangeable lens cameras and the prevalence of video accessories, anyone can easily produce video content. Samyang Optics will apply elements optimized for imaging to autofocus lenses to satisfy creators' desire to create high-quality video content more easily.

V-AF has increased compatibility from the gimbal to the drone by applying a consistent form factor from ultra-wide angles to semi-telephoto angles. The tiny size of ∅72.2 x 72.1 mm and light weight of 280g reduced the burden of drone payloads. As the V-AF series provide a unified center of gravity and size, there is no need for extra setting which greatly reduces time when it comes to using a gimbal.
There is a Tally Lamp that displays the filming status with LED light so even a single creator can quickly check the recording status. The focus ring has been redesigned to allow follow focus to be applied without additional accessories. There is also a custom switch and a focus button to set the optimized function for filming.

With V-AF customized accessories for professional video shooters and the consistent colour tone that V-AF represents, videos can be created more conveniently.

All V-AF Series have a unified form factor and colour tone
Autofocus cine lens for full-frame sensors
Compact size and lightweight for gimbals and drones
LED Indicator for recording status
Soft manual focus ring works with follow focus systems
Custom Button with Focus Save function
Custom Switch to alter focus ring function


  • Closest Focusing Distance: 19mm
  • Diagonal Angle of View: Full Frame: 83.7°/ APS-C: 60.9°
  • Dimensions: 72.1mm / 2.8inch
  • Filter Size: 58mm
  • Focal Length: 24mm
  • Maximum Aperture: T1.9
  • Maximum Diameter: 72.2mm
  • Mount Type: Sony E
  • No. Diaphragm Blades: 9
  • Weather Proof: Yes
  • Weight: 280g / 9.9oz

Outstanding Usability
2 Tally lamps, located in front of the lens and mount index, intuitionally show recording status.
Simple user interfaces solutions for independent content creators' self-filming.

8K & Unified Color Tone
V-AF lens designed for high-resolution cameras up to 8K camera, offering fast aperture and precise bokeh. The unified colour tone reduces the post-production time.
※ Marked as F1.8 instead T1.9 on camera

V-AF lens has an electronic connector in front of the lens, enabling communication between the V-AF lens and its exclusive accessories.
※ V-AF exclusive accessories will be released
1. Consistent Form Factors
2. Tally Lamp
3. Smooth Focus Transition
4. Custom Switch
5. Focus Hold Button
6. Standardized Color Balance
7. Metal Accessory Mount
8. Electronic Connector
9. Quiet and Fast AF Performance
10. Weather Sealing

Consistent Form Factors
Featuring a compact and consistent lens design for easy handling gimbal and follow focus.
Consistent form factors and markings optimized for motion picture production

SAMYANG V-AF 75mm T1.9 FE - VLOG filmed by sso.min