Q-MAX 1x1 Bi-Colour Soft Fill LED Light Kit 50w - QM-1X1LEDSET

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Q-MAX 1x1 Bi-Colour Soft Fill LED Light Kit 50W - QM-1X1LEDSET


This Q-Max 1-bi-1 50 Studio light is a fantastic light, Daylight-Tungston it is DMX Network controllable and is Dimmable to 0-100%

High TLCI Colour Led light (cri92) it is very Lightweight, and produces a High Output LED light 


All have stirrup and rear mount plate fixings.

Common Accessories: Set will include – fixture, barndoors, gel frame, AC power 13A-IEC, 30º honeycombe grid.

Warranty – 3 years

Certification – CE/UL

CRI / TLCI rating: 92 – 96.



The LED Panel

The Barndoor set

The Gel Frame

The Grid Honeycombe

The V-Lok plate

The spigot adapter

Key Features


Maintains minimum CRI index of 90 under the color temperature range of 2700~6500K to achieve ideal coloring.

Extensive color temperature control of 2700~6500K as well as easily manageable preset of 3200 & 5500K.

Customized diffuser type material plate to minimize the glaring with soft light emission to achieve the most natural display of light.

DMX control and dimming function implemented.

Uniform lighting with minimized glare and flickering

Rigid aluminum case ensures the protection of inner circuit from exterior impact.

2-way barn-door is easily removal thanks to its captive connection structure.

Its unique design enables easy install of honeycomb and gel frame on the frontal section