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Polecam Starter Pack Plus PSP+ Choose Wide Narrow or Long Camera Head

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Polecam Starter Pack Plus PSP+ Choose Wide Narrow or Long Camera Head

£7,014.00 (inc VAT) £5,845.00 (exc VAT)

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£7,014.00 (inc VAT) £5,845.00 (exc VAT)

Polecam Starter Pack Plus (PSP+) Choose Wide Narrow or Long Camera Head CALL FOR LEAD TIME ON THIS RIG


Polecam Starter Pack Plus (PSP+)


The Polecam system uses Carbon Fibre tubes that slot together to create a reach from 1.5m (5’) to 8m (26’). The Systemisdesigned aroundamodularaluminium ‘back-end’.
A precision electronic, remote controlled, Pan/Tilt head fits to the carbon poles creating a simple yet effective Camera Jib.

Whether you want to shoot from the back of a car, on a boat or the edge of a mountain, the Polecam System gets into tight spots where a traditional crane would be out of the question.

There are three new pan & tilt heads to choose from when selecting your Polecam Starter Pack PLUS (PSP+).

The Narrow Head version is ideal for Minicam’s and split head cameras such as the IndieCam, I O Industries, Panasonic & Toshiba.

The Wide Head is designed for D-SLR use and is also great for 3D with two mini cams side by side using our optional 3D mount plate.

The Long Head is designed to cater for cameras such as the Canon C300/500, Blackmagic, RED cameras, the AF101 from Panasonic & Sony’s 700.


Focus Motion - A Polecam Overview

Key Features

The Essentials you need to get your rig up and running

  • Monitor
  • Tripod
  • Suitable Camera for selected Pan & Tilt unit
  • Weights - 1” centre, standard dumbbells, 10/15kg
    (22-33lb) required depending on camera)
  • Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • Pelican 1770 Transit Case


Polecam Kit Contents

    • 1 x Polecam Starter Pack Back-End, with adjustable counter-
      weight system & Battery Plate (weights not included)
    • 3 x Polecam Stiff Carbon Fibre Tubes (1.1 Metres / 3’.6” Each) reach
    • 1 x Pan/Tilt Head - Choice of Narrow, Wide, Long, BB or FishFace
    • 1 x Joystick
    • 1 x Wiring loom, monitor clamp, cables for monitor power & signal
    • 1 x 110/240v AC Power Supply Unit with 3 x 4-pin XLR’s
    • 1 x Rigging stand with support cradle - Assists the build of your Polecam Camera Crane
    • 1 x Saddle bag set (Velcro attachment to back end)
      for accessories or weights
    • 1 x Accessory wallet - 1 x Cable feeder, 1 x Trimmer, 1 x Camera mounting screw
    • 1 x Cable Strain relief strap
    • 1 x Foam insert for Peli 1770 and pole holders
    • 1 x Quick Starter Guide and 1 x User manual

      (The PSP+ is the PSP with a Monitor Clamp & Battery Plate included)

Available Head Options

Polecam Long Head spacer Polecam Wide Head spacer Polecam Narrow Head spacer Polecam BB Head spacer
Polecam FishFace Underwater Head
 3D minicams
 Invert for more options
 IO Industries
 IO Industries


Further Options to enhance your rig

  • PE100 Polecam Wire Strut System for PSP+
  • PM001 Polecam Elbow
  • PM031 Polecam Bin Bag Pro
  • PM009 Polecam Harness

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