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Panamic boom poles are elegantly hand-crafted in the UK from the highest quality carbon fibre. They are extremely lightweight, with superb balance and a wear-resistant nylon-web handle which provides additional comfort. The entire range, which includes three, four and five section poles ranging from 0.73 to 5.00 metres in length, have silent operating nylon bushes, precision locking-rings and titanium tips.

Panamic poles are seen by many in the film and TV industry as the best in their field, and have achieved an exceptional reputation for build-quality, reliability and a long working life. Their sound pedigree (pun intended!) extends back to 1972 when award-winning sound recordist Colin Charles began manufacturing the first generation of hand-held poles in Watford. Canford acquired Panamic in 2007, which saw manufacturing move to Canford’s Portland (Dorset) site along with key manufacturing personnel.

They are available in mini, midi or maxi sizes, this denoting the size of the outermost section (the ‘handle’), and with three, four or five sections. All tips are manufactured from titanium for strength and resistance to damage. Fixed tips have the industry-standard 3/8 inch threads. Detachable tips have two different threads, one at each end, 3/8 inch and 5/16 inch (an old film-industry standard). The poles have silent and smooth-operating nylon bushes, precision, knurled locking-rings (‘thimbles’) and a resilient rubber foot. All components are hand-crafted and replaceable.

Also available for the mini series poles, which is fitted after removing the rubber bung from the end of the handle section, is a three-leg base, which enables the pole to be used as a microphone stand. This fully disassembles for compact storage on location.


Stock codeStyleNumber ofMinimumMaximumTipWeight
  (incl. handle)     
53-5801 Mini 3 0.73m 1.83m Detachable 420g
53-5802 Mini 4 0.73m 2.25m Fixed 440g
53-5803 Mini 4 0.73m 2.29m Detachable 450g
53-5804 Mini 5 0.48m 1.45m Fixed 370g
53-5805 Mini 5 0.56m 1.79m Fixed 440g
53-5806 Mini 5 0.80m 3.00m Fixed 580g
53-5807 Mini 5 1.00m 4.00m Fixed 690g
53-5809 Midi 3 1.24m 3.24m Detachable 760g
53-5810 Midi 4 1.24m 4.06m Detachable 970g
53-5811 Maxi 3 1.50m 4.06m Detachable 870g
53-5812 Maxi 4 1.50m 5.00m Detachable 1120g

Panamic boompoles are hand-crafted by Canford in the UK. Panamic is a Canford registered trademark. Note: The descriptions ‘boom pole’ and ‘fishpole’ are completely interchangeable, they describe exactly the same product.