PAG Series Power Module V-Mount - PAG-9581V

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PAG Series Power Module V-Mount - PAG-9581V


    • Power 30V lighting without the need to purchase 30V batteries and chargers 
    • Combine the voltages of V-Mount camera batteries 
    • Maximise the return on your camera battery investment
    • Suitable for use with PAGlink and PAG L96 Series batteries
    • Achieve continuous power by hot-swapping PAGlink batteries 
  • Output via 2 x XLR4 connectors (Amphenol connectors also available)

Now you can power your 30V LED lighting without the need to purchase expensive, designated 30V batteries and chargers.

Maximise your return on investment in V-Mount camera batteries by connecting them in series, using a PAG Series Power Module, which will produce an output equivalent to their combined voltages. Li-Ion V-Mount camera batteries are typically rated at 14.8V.

The batteries you use must be designed for series connection, such as PAGlink batteries or the PAG L96 range of batteries; they must be of the same cell-chemistry, voltage and capacity and they must be in the same state of charge. 

When using PAGlink batteries it is possible to achieve continuous power by adding 
or hot-swapping batteries. 

Output from the unit is via XLR4 or Amphenol connectors, designed for 30V applications.

The PAG Series Power Module features a strong, lightweight mild steel construction, suitable for any production environment. It incorporates a heavy-duty handle and can be carried with the batteries connected.


Power Input Connectors: 2 x V-Mount.

Suitable Batteries: Any PAGlink or PAG L96 Series V-Mount Li-Ion batteries