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Paglight LED Dimmer & Base D-Tap (150mm) - 9966LD

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SKU: 9966LD

Paglight LED Dimmer & Base D-Tap (150mm) - 9966LD

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PAG 9966LD Paglight LED with D-Tap connector lead length 150mm. Why buy an LED only top-light when you could have one this is LED, halogen and HMI arc?.


Why buy an LED only top-light wehn you could have one that is LED, halogen and HMI arc?


The Paglight LED is offered with a choice of power connetions suitable for any camera:

D-Tap long, D-Tap short, PP90 or XLR4



 *The Ultimate LED news interview camera light

*The latest LED technology

*Fantistic output of 900 lux at 2m 
 (50W tungsten equivalent)

*Clean, daylight balanced output

*Soft and even spectral distribution

*Power consumption only 11W

*Dimmer for control of light intesity

*Fully focusable from spot to flood

*More than 12,000 hours LED life

*Power from any 12V to 14.8V DC source

*Choice of D-Tap, XLR4 or PP90 power connection

*Optional filter & banr door kit

*Tough yet lightweight impact resistant construction

*Accepts tunsten halogen and HMI arc plug-in lighting modules


D-Tap / 150mm Model 9966LD

Power Base features D-Tap connector (lead length 150mm) for use with light output on Sony cameras.

Includes LED Dimmer unit.

Filter kit sold separately

Includes Stud Adaptor & Shoe Plate


Interchangeable Lighting Modules

 Paglight has a revolutionary patented design which allows a range of professional lighting technologies to be used with one lamp head. Interchangeable LED, tungsten halogen and HMI Arc lighting modules plug into the back of the reflector housing. They can be hot-swapped quickly and safely, in a matter of seconds. Paglight is the only broadcast light with this feature, providing you with the correct lighting technology for any professional situation.


Superior LED Optical Performance

 The Paglight LED has an impressive light intensity over distance in comparison to other LED lights. PAG has achieved this by focusing the output of the emitters using an integrated lens, and by positioning the LED module within the Paglight reflector. The results are a testament to Paglight’s superior optical design: a clean and even, daylight balanced output of 900 lux at 2m, for a power consumption of only 11W.

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