Kandao Obsidian S 6K Professional 3D 360° VR Camera (CLEARANCE OFFER)

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Obsidian S is good at high-speed motion scenes with a high shooting frame rate up to 4k/120fps & 6K/60fps   _8K live stream

Kandao Obsidian S 6K Professional 3D 360° VR Camera - (SPECIAL OFFER 1 ONLY AVAILABLE AT THIS PRICE)

Professional 3D 360°, high-speed Virtual Reality camera system with stereoscopic parallax, up to 120 fps 4K x 4K recording, live broadcast capability, PoE (Power over Ethernet), and a comprehensive software solution


  • 3D 360° High-Speed 6K VR Camera
  • Stereoscopic parallax
  • Up to 120 fps 4K x 4K recording
  • Up to 50 fps* 6K x 6K recording
  • High quality f/2.2 fisheye lenses
  • Live broadcast capability
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) option
  • Comprehensive software solution
  • HDR in spherical image capture
  • Capture 3D VR photos at 6K resolution


120fps High Speed

It is a high-speed camera providing exceptional flexibility with its high frame rate capabilities and ideal for slow-motion shots

Stereoscopic Panorama, True Virtual Reality

  • · A minimalistic design - six lenses, human visual system inspired
  • · Deep learning - based stitching algorithm, a beast of quality and speed
  • · Natural and comfortable, recording human experience in total VR(stereoscopic parallax)

Stereoscopic Panorama ·  True Virtual Reality

Only a 3D 360° panorama video can give a true sense of immersion, a key to bringing the virtual reality world to its audience. Kandao Obsidian utilizes a deep-learning stitching method, automatically generating high quality stereoscopic panoramas.






Input Connector/Port:
Ethernet - PoE Supported

Lens Characteristics

Max Aperture F-stop:
Lens Options:
6 x Fisheye


Product Weight:
2.65lb - 1.2kg (Camera w/ Battery)
Product Dimensions (WxDxH):
5.7" (Diameter) x 3.6" (Height) - 14.5cm x 9.3cm


Input Voltage:
Power Adapter:
External 12V Charger


Recording Resolution:
6K x 6K - 3000 x 3000 (Photo / Single-Lens Resolution)
4K x 4K - 1500 x 1080 @ 120 fps

Live Broadcasting* 

It provide audiences a true sense of presence through live broadcasting experiences in 3D 4K*4K at 30 fps on any laptop connected to the Obsidian camera by our one powered ethernet cable. 

*License required

Professional Camera

There are 3D 360° video/photo/time-lapse recording and support

Introducing the Kandao Obsidian 3D VR camera

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