Obsidian R

Kandao Obsidian R 8K High Resolution 360° VR Camera

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Kandao Obsidian R 8K High Resolution 360° VR Camera 

Obsidian R is excellent in sightseeing/documentary/exhibition... recording still or slow movement scenes at 8k/30fps.     _8K live stream 


This professional 3D 360°, high resolution Virtual Reality camera system with stereoscopic parallax captures 8x the resolution of monoscopic 4K x 2K, 360° footage with vivid detail.


  • 3D 360° 8K VR Camera
  • Stereoscopic parallax
  • Up to 30 fps 8K x 8K recording
  • Up to 60 fps 4K x 4K recording
  • High quality f/2.0 fisheye lenses
  • Live broadcast capability
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) option
  • Comprehensive software solution
  • HDR in spherical image capture
  • Capture 3D VR photos at 8K resolution

8K High Resolution

It captures 8K resolution of monoscopic 4k*2k 360 videos/photos. Crisp and vivid details are captured to reproduce 3D exeriences 


Stereoscopic Panorama, True Virtual Reality

  • · A minimalistic design - six lenses, human visual
    system inspired
  • · Deep learning - based stitching algorithm, a beast of
    quality and speed
  • · Natural and comfortable, recording human
    experience in total VR(stereoscopic parallax)

Stereoscopic Panorama ·  True Virtual Reality

Only a 3D 360° panorama video can give a true sense of immersion, a key to bringing the virtual reality world to its audience. Kandao Obsidian utilizes a deep-learning stitching method, automatically generating high quality stereoscopic panoramas.



With Kandao Studio, creators can complete high-quality 3D panoramas with just one button, eliminating complex steps, greatly spending up the post-production process.


Live Broadcasting*

It provide audiences a true sense of presence through live broadcasting experiences in 3D 4K*4K at 30 fps on any laptop connected to the Obsidian camera by our one powered ethernet cable.

*License required


VR Playback

Kandao App enables viewers to watch ultra high resolution 360 VR videos and pictures either online or offline with little discomfort. Our patented display method gives users a wider FOV with no distortion.


Professional Camera

There are 3D 360° video/photo/time-lapse recording and support, video recording in flat/standard/log mode, and DNG format for photos.


A Complete Solution Delivery

The Kandao Obsidian camera comes with an overall software solution with rich functionalities, ranging from post-processing, editing, stitching, and video encoding to live streaming*. The total solution supports industry-standard format and can be easily connected to your existing workflow, leveling the learning curve for new 3D 360 video producers, liberating you from the tediousness of the post-production and letting you focus on creativity.

*License required


Rich Manual Setting Options Completely Control Of Details

Users have remote control of the camera through a laptop, an iPad or a phone. With real time preview, every detail is under your control. You have the options to tweak the settings for the best effects, confident in every scenario.

One Cable to Rule Them All

Say goodbye to the bulky and expensive HDMI capture cards and nightmarish HDMI cables needed to view a playback. Even the power cord is gone. This one ethernet cable does it all from image setting control and file transfers for previewing and live streaming.

Super User Friendly Portable Design

Kandao Obsidian is designed for convenience. Take it anywhere and set it up easily, whether placed on drones, cars or handhold steady grip.



The palm-sized Kandao Obsidian is designed for convenience



Durable metal-body camera with a lightweight 1.2kg



Three powering options: two batteries/external 12V charger/Ethernet cable

The Perfect Synergy of Art and Technology

The Kandao Obsidian honors its name having been awarded Best of Innovation in the Digital Imaging category, CES 2017. With its elegant design and professional-grade imaging capability, it offers a rich plethora of features to VR content professionals.


**Live stream license is additional charge not inclued in the packaging. You can also you have the demo version even if you don't pay for live stream(but with Kandao logo on software), for any of your future customer who will pay for live stream, they will have official version with Kandao logo removed.




Input Connector/Port:
Ethernet - PoE Supported

Lens Characteristics

Max Aperture F-stop:
Lens Options:
6 x Fisheye


Input Voltage:
Power Adapter:
External 12V Charger


Recording Resolution:
4K x 4K - 1900 x 1500 @ 60 fps
8K x 8K - 3800 x 3000 (Photo / Single-Lens Resolution)
Recording Format:
MOV - H.264 / H.265 Video Coding Format
Bit Rate:
60 Mbps & 100 Mbps

Recording / Media

Media Type:

Special Features

General Notes:
U3 (USH-I) media cards are recommended


ISO Range:

Introducing the Kandao Obsidian 3D VR camera

Kandao Obsidian Tutorial Guide

Kandao Obsidian R/S Demo
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