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IDX VAL-4SI 8 Channel Endura Battery Charger

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IDX VAL-4SI 8 Channel Endura Battery Charger

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IDX VAL-4Si (VAL4SI) 8 Channel. 4 + 4 ENDURA Simultaneous, V-Mount Quick Charger with Intelligent Display and Discharge


The VAL-4Si is one of the most advanced chargers on the market, capable of charging up to 8 batteries simultaneously with 4 standard V-Mount channels plus additional 4 channels are avaiable by using BP interface cable. (C-VAL2E adaptor cable) Monitoring the status of each individual battery is an LCD display and control panel located on the front of the unit. Joined with IDX’s BMS software, the VAL-4Si – via PC interface – provides battery data on history and condition of the batteries as a means to help manage and extend overall battery life. The VAL-4Si is a multi-chemistry charger, charging NP-style batteries and additional ENDURA batteries using optional cable assemblies.


  • Simultaneous 8-channel lithium-ion battery charger(with 4 standard V-Mount channels plus an additional 4-channel charging base)
  • LCD display and control panel is located at the front of the unit to monitor the charge status of each individual battery
  • BMS compatible – BMS is a unique software package that enable users to monitor the history and condition of their batteries to increase their lifespan
  • Lightweight and slim, its polycarbonate enclosure features a recessed power switch and integrated carry handle
  • VAL-4Si compatible batteries: All ENDURA Li-ion V-mount batteries, all IDX NP type batteries (via an A-E2NP adaptor) and all IDX BP type, Ni-CD and Ni-MH batteries
  • Internal safety features protect both the battery and charger from serious damage should faulty or misused batteries be placed on charge. The VAL-4Si will automatically stop charging should any battery reach an over-voltage condition
Battery Charge Time
E-7S 1-3 Batteries: 2 Hrs 35 Mins
4 Batteries: 3 Hrs
E-HL9/E-HL9S 1-3 Batteries: 2 Hrs 35 Mins
4 Batteries: 3 Hrs 10 Mins
CUE-D75 1-3 Batteries: 2 Hrs 35 Mins
4 Batteries: 3 Hrs
CUE-D95/DUO-95 1-3 Batteries: 2 Hrs 55 Mins
4 Batteries: 3 Hrs 30 Mins
CUE-D150/DUO-150 1-3 Batteries: 4 Hrs 15 Mins
4 Batteries: 5 Hrs
E-HL10DS 1-3 Batteries: 3 Hrs 
4 Batteries: 3 Hrs 40 Mins
ENDURA ELITE 1-3 Batteries: 4 Hrs
4 Batteries: 4 Hrs 50 Mins

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