IDX JP-2 2 Battery & 1 Charger Battery Kit

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IDX JP-2 2 Battery & 1 Charger Battery Kit 


The IDX JVC JP-2 Battery Kit consists of:

2x SSL-JVC75 7350mAh 7.4V Battery for JVC GY-HMQU and GY-HM600 type camcorders. Has X Tap O/P 6 -8.4V

1x LC-2J 2 channel simultaneous charger for the JVC battery (SSL-JVC50 / SSL-JVC75)


IDX has partnered with JVC to manufacture a high capacity 7.4V, 7350mAh / 55Wh Li-ion battery, designed specifically for use with the GY-HMQ10U and GY-HM600 Series Camcorders

SSL-JVC75 Info:

  • Compatible with JVC GY-HMQ10U and GY-HM600/650 series professional camcorders
  • 7350mAh, 55Wh High Capacity Battery for long running times

SSL-JVC75 battery run-times*:

GY-HMQ10U Typical run-time: 3 hours @ 18W

GY-HM600 Typical run-time: 4.5 hours @ 12W

  • Battery circuit protection ensures the SSL-JVC75 is fully protected against common causes of battery misuse, guarding against over charge, over discharge and over load incidences
  • DC out via X-Tap connector
  • Marker Empty/Full Physical sliding switch to indicate battery status


LC-2J Info:

7.4V 2-Channel Simultaneous Quick Charger for SSL-JVC50
The LC-2J is a 2-Channel simultaneous quick charger for the IDX SSL-JVC50 Li-ion battery.  Each channel is operated independently, so batteries can be placed on charge in any order and at any time for a quick turnaround.  The LC-2J has an ultra compact footprint, but multiple LC-2J units can be connected to create a solid charging base is required.