IDX EP-9/2 2x HL9 & 1x VL-2Plus Battery Kit

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IDX EP-9/2 2 x ENDURA-HL9 Batteries 1 x VL-2Plus Charger with AC Adaptor (60W)




88Wh Li-ion V-Mount High Load Battery with PowerLink & Digi-View

Our exclusive PowerLink feature connects two E-HL9 batteries for a total power capacity of 176Wh. The 6-step 5 LED power status display gives an accurate reading of capacity in 20% increments plus the last 10%.. The E-HL9 supports Digi-View for reading battery levels in many of today’s camera viewfinders. Battery Management System (BMS) can be used for enhanced diagnostics and a comprehensive review of the battery’s history of use. E-HL9 Power Status is an accurate display of the E-HL9’s remaining power. Visually and instantly indentified at any time or shown in the camera viewfinder via Digi-View.


Product Data

Capacity: 88Wh(14.4V/6.15Ah)
Typical camera run-time: 3 hours approximately (@30W)
Dimensions: 3.35(W)x5.51(H)x2.28(D) inches
Weight: 1.63 lbs approx With its high capacity and high load discharge of 10.0 Amps at 120W, the E-HL9 is an all-round top performer.





2-Channel Sequential Quick Charger with AC Power Supply Adaptor (60W DC @ 13.8V)

The lightweight and durable VL-2PLUS delivers sequential 2-channel charging with unrivalled high speed and reliability, with the advantage of an integrated 60W power supply. Like all of our VL Series, the VL-2PLUS is a multi-chemistry charger for both Li-ion and Ni-Cad battery types.

Product Data

Quick charge current: All ENDURA & NP-style Li-ion batteries - 2.3A.; Ni-Cad batteries – 1.9A

Input Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz

Dimensions:5.94(W)x3.11(H)x8.35(D) inches

Weight: 2.09 lbs approx

Compatible batteries: All IDX ENDURA System Li-ion batteries and all IDX NP-style Li-ion batteries via A-E2NP charger adaptor.4-pin XLR power supply connecting cable is included (10 ft.).