IDX EB-424L 4 Channel V Mount Power Base

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IDX EB-424L (EB424L) 4 Channel V-Mount Power Base Station with 12V 4-pin XLR Output and 12V/24V LEMO Output .


4-Channel V-Mount Power Base Station


The EB-424L is a completely portable Power Base Station which suits the higher current and runtime demands of ENG, cinematic and film production equipment.


Designed for easy carriage, the four V-Mount channels allow connection of up to eight ENDURA Lithium Ion batteries (in PowerLink) to provide a convenient portable power source independent of mains supply. IDX PowerLink allows two E-7, E-10 or E-HL9 batteries to be docked onto one another to double the available capacity, which means eight E-10 batteries can provide a minimum of 744Wh. 


For equipment that requires 24V for operation, a LEMO output terminal is capable of supplying a regulated 24V of power, activated by a dedicated switch on the front of the unit.  The 4-pin XLR is also available to supply 12V, which can be used separately or simultaneously depending on the required usage.


Compatible Batteries:
DC Input:
DC Output:
Output Voltage:
All IDX ENDURA Li-ion Batteries
IDX ENDURA Battery DC12~17V
8-pin LEMO (12/24V), 4-pin XLR (12V)
24V Regulated, 12V Un-regulated
1.3Kg approx.
80(W) x 165(H) x 217(D) mm
128(W) mm with feet fully extended