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Fujinon ZA17x7.6BRM-M 2/3" Standard lens

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SKU: ZA17x7.6 BRM

Fujinon ZA17x7.6BRM-M 2/3" Standard lens

£6,600.00 (inc VAT) £5,500.00 (exc VAT)

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Fujinon ZA17x7.6BRM-M 2/3" HD Select Digital ENG Standard lens

Fujinon ZA17x7.6BRM  ZA-Series value priced standard HD ENG Style ENG lens, without extender for reduced costs and DigiPower drive unit.


 Inner Focus

 Quick Zoom

 Virtual connector / new models

 Zoom Limit

Available drive units/models: 

  • RM Manual focus, w/o ext.
  • RD Full servo, w/o ext.

Inspiring images … remarkable value! Once more Fujinon's leading technology sets new quality standards by offering impeccably designed entry level HD lenses for the cost-effective High Definition lens and camera segment. Multiple options were analysed to reduce HD lens cost without compromising optical quality.

The solution was GO-Technology: Fujinon worked closely with all major camera manufacturers to engineer true HD lenses that are designed specifically to enhance the performance of cost-effective highdefinition cameras. Fujinon's complete ZA-Select series provide high MTF values, advanced colour transmission, minimised chromatic aberration, superb ramping characteristics and true High Definition image resolution. Hi-tech glass materials with high refractive indices and ultra-low dispersion are used to achieve the objective. Fujinon is committed to technological advancement, setting the highest standards in product quality without losing sight of environmental responsibilities. For additional ease of use, we have also fitted the all new handgrip of the HA 'Premier' Broadcast Series to the ZA lenses. This drive unit features 50% less power consumption in standby, less zoom noise for quiet shootings, even less backlash for natural images while using the servo. It also comes with a new improved ergonomic design for a safe and comfortable grip and extra space to rest your thumb in waiting position.

The ZA12x4.5, ZA17x7.6 and ZA22x7.6 lenses are also available without extender (BRM/BRD) for tight budgets.

Key Features


Angular field of view 16:9 aspect ratio 7.6 mm 64°30′ × 39°03′ 130 mm 4°13′ × 2°23′
Dia x Length 85 × 203 mm
Features Inner focus Quick zoom Zoom limit
Filter thread M82 × 0.75
focal length 7.6 - 130 mm
Macro Available
Maximum photometric aperture T-No. 1 : 1.9 (7.6 - 102 mm) 1 : 2.5 (130 mm)
Maximum relative aperture (F-No.) 1 : 1.8 (7.6 - 102 mm) 1 : 2.3 (130 mm)
Minimum object distance (M.O.D.) (from front of lens) 0.6 m
Minimum object distance (M.O.D.) (from image plane) 0.84 m
Weight (without lens hood) 1.43 kg (RM) / 1.5 kg (RD)
Zoom ratio 17 ×


  • MM-11 Full manual kit / for -RM/ZM
  • SS-11 Semi servo kit / for -RM/ZM
  • MS-11D Digital semi servo kit / for -RM/ZM
  • SS-11 Full servo kit / for -RM/ZM
  • SS-11D Digital full servo kit / for -RM/ZM
  • SS-13A Analogue full servo kit / for -RD/ZD
  • SS-13D Digital full servo kit / for -RD/ZD
  • SS-14S Digital full servo kit / for -RD/ZD, w/shot box
  • UV Filter EFL-82UV
  • Skylight Filter EFL-82SL
  • ND Filter EFL-82N2
  • ND Filter EFL-82N4
  • ND Filter EFL-82N8
  • Cross Filter, Soft Focus and Polarising Filters also available
  • TCV-H85 Tele Converter
  • WCV-H85 Wide Converter
  • WAT-H85 Wide Attachment
  • F-ATH85 Fish-Eye-Attachment
  • TS-P58A OS-Tech Stabilisation
  • HAeE14-1 external 1.4 x extender

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