FOR-A HVS-390HS 2M/E TYPE A1 2 M/E HD/SD Multiformat Video Switcher (3U) with HVS-392OU Control Panel

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FOR-A HVS-390HS 2M/E TYPE A1 2 M/E HD/SD Multiformat Video Switcher (3U) with HVS-392OU Control Panel

2 M/E HD/SD Multiformat Video Switcher (3U) with HVS-392OU Control Panel. 16 SDI Inputs all with Frame Syncs & 4 Upconverters. Macros, Mnemonics. 2 x 16ch Multiviewers. 2 x assignable 3D-DVEs. 4 Clip/Still Stores & 6 Flash stillstores. 4 Keyers per M/E, all with 2.5D-DVEs & Defocus, 2 with CK, 2 assignable to AUX.
8 SDI outputs (2 assignable from PGM, PVW, CLN. 6 AUX). HDMI Multiviewer output. Colour Correction. LAN, RS-422 and GPI/Tally interfaces. Internal PSU. Web browser control.

HVS-39PSO Redundant Power Supply Included

HVS-39PSM Redundant Power Supply Included


The HVS-390HS is the video switcher offering unparalleled broadcast reliability, performance and versatility with enhanced functionality and operability. Like the other HANABI series, it offers a full range of functionality as standard functions, including mixed HD/SD input, frame synchronizer, 2.5D and 3D wipe effects, DVEs, keyer with chroma key, DSKs, still stores, picture in picture and multi-viewers. In addition to them, the HVS-390HS offering an extreme choice in control surfaces; 6 control panels and 6AUX control panels are available. And more, featuring advanced AUX technology, the HVS-390HS has the capability to be a virtual 6 M/E unit. The unit can be perfect solution in all types of locations, including live events, sports, news studios, OB vans, editorial offices and presentation venues, making it the ideal tool for shaping the imaginative ideas of video creators.

HVS-390HS versatile and reliable main unit

A 3U main unit is available with one or two redundant power supplies. It is the same main unit for 1M/E or 2(2.5)M/E systems, thus providing easy future to upgrade.


  • Switcher & 2-Line Control Panel
  • 16 SDI Inputs / 8 SDI and 1 HDMI Outputs
  • Inputs 13 - 16 Resize from SD to HD
  • Upgradeable to 24 Inputs and 13 Outputs
  • 4:2:2 Processing / 10-Bit Quantization
  • Supports up to 1.5G and 1080/59.94i/50i
  • 8 Keyers Each with Bus/Luminance/DVE
  • 2 Multi-Viewers Each with 16-Splits
  • Stores 100 Events / One-Button Recall
  • Highly Upgradeable

Frame Synchronizer on All Inputs
  • Individual frame synchronizers on all inputs support the switching of asynchronous signals
  • Includes Proc Amp control to adjust video and chroma levels
HD, SD Mixed Input; Resize Engine
  • Inputs 13 through 16 can resize SD signals to HD
  • Inputs on an optional HVS-30HSDI input board can also be used resize SD to HD
  • Inputs on an optional HVS-30PCIN input board can be used to resize computer signals
Keyers with DVE
  • 8 keyers come standard
  • Each keyer features a bus and luminance key and an independent 2.5D DVE
  • High-level chroma keyer on keys 1, 2, 5 and 6
  • Keys 3, 4, 7 and 8 can be assigned to AUX outputs for keying sizing or positioning
  • Four 3D DVEs are available for background and keyer
Transitions / Wipes / Effects
  • Transitions: M/E bus: CUT, MIX, WIPE
  • Wipe: 100 2D and 68 3D wipe patterns (including 3D Page Turn)
  • Effects: Mosaic, Defocusing and more
Dual Multi-Viewer
  • Each of two multi-view channels is capable of displaying a maximum of 16 split windows
  • 4, 10, and 16 window split patterns
  • Different display patterns and channels can be set for each of the multi-viewers
  • All sources, including internal sources, inputs and outputs can be monitored on the multi-viewers
  • Each multi-viewer window is equipped with title, tally and audio meter display
Event Memory with Loading Duration
  • Up to 100 events can be stored
  • Direct recall function recalls events at the push of one button
  • Event load with duration: sets transition time and effect for loading events
Still Stores
  • 4 standard still stores support animated logos
  • Input video and PGM output can be captured as still images
  • Still images generated on a PC or other source can be loaded over Ethernet
  • Images can be loaded via USB connection if an optional control panel is connected
  • Saves data to the main unit using the backup function
  • Supports JPEG, BMP, and TGA file formats
  • FS memory on IN-1 to IN-16 can be used as still image memory
Video Memory
  • Output video recording and playback functions
  • Simultaneous recording of fill and key (great for CG wipes)
  • Four memory channels each record up to 60 frames
  • Up to 120 frames can be recorded by means of an optional HVS-39MEM expansion card
  • Saves consecutive still images transferred from a PC as video clips (the number of frames that can be saved does not change, even when simultaneously recording Fill + Key)
Web Control
  • Many controls are accessible from an external PC via the switcher's built-in browser
  • Controls are accessible from notebooks and tablets via a wireless LAN router
Flexible Input / Output
  • 16 HD/SD-SDI inputs, 8 HD/SD-SDI outputs, and one HDMI output
  • By means of optional input/output boards, the inputs can be expanded to 24 and the SDI outputs to 13
  • Standard output breakdown: 2x PGM, 6x AUX, 1x HDMI (AUX)
  • Input/output, such as analog Component, analog Composite, DVI, and RGB, can also be optionally be added
  • AUX outputs allow previews and multi-viewer assignments
  • Supported formats: 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i, 1080/29.97PsF, 1080/25PsF, 1080/24PsF, 1080/23.98PsF, 720/59.94p, 720/50p, 525/60 (NTSC), 625/50 (PAL)
Multi-Screen Function (Video Wall)
  • Supports multi-monitor display by assigning keyers to AUX outputs
  • The main line can be separately output from, ideal for outputting to large screen displays
Sequence Function
  • Up to 10 sequences can be stored
  • Registers each parameter setting as a key frame
  • Sequence functions can be assigned to any user button
AUX Transitions
  • Expanded AUX range is useful for applications that require multiple outputs
Keyer Free Assign
  • Keyer can be assigned to M/E and AUX
  • Keyer can use composite results of M/E as an input source (+0.5 M/E extended feature)
External Interfaces
  • EDITOR: for connection to editing equipment
  • GPI/GPO (Tally): 10 inputs / 20 outputs
  • RS-422: 6 ports
  • ARCNET: for connection to OU or AUX remote panel
  • Ethernet: for connection to a PC
  • Color correction function (4 channels)
  • Macro function
  • Up to 20 direct patterns
  • Safety area display
  • Built-in color bar display
  • Built-in mat function


SDI Input Cards: HVS-30HSDI / HVS-30HSDI-A
  • HVS-30HSDI has a frame synchronizer function and re-size function for all inputs, and SD images can be processed internally as HD images
  • HVS-30HSDI-A is more cost effective, featuring a frame synchronizer function for all inputs
SDI Output Card: HVS-30HSDO
  • Dedicated down-conversion for 2 outputs for simultaneous output of HD and SD
Analog Video Input Card: HVS-30HSAI
  • Input 2 is a dedicated connector (conversion connector supplied) -- you can select between Composite or Component HD or SD for each input
Analog Video Output Card: HVS-30HSAO
  • Output 2 is a dedicated connector (conversion connector supplied) -- you can select between Composite or Component HD or SD for each output
PC (DVI / VGA) Input Card: HVS-30PCIN
  • One DVI-D and one VGA connector with resolutions ranging from VGA to WUXGA
PC (DVI / VGA) Output Card: HVS-30PCO
  • One DVI-D and one VGA connector with resolutions ranging from VGA to WUXGA
  • Not HDCP-compatible; DVI-D and VGA outputs are not supported in 1080PsF format
AUX Remote Panel: HVS-AUX8 / 16 / 32
  • An 8, 16, or 32 button AUX remote control panel
  • The 8 button unit is half-rack size and the 16 and 32 button units are each 1RU
  • ARCnet allows cascading connection of as many as 5 units
Tally Interface Unit: HVS-TALOC20/32 or HVS-TALR20/32
  • HVS-TALOC20/32: Open Collector system with 20/32 terminals
  • HVS-TALR20/32: Relay system with 20/32 terminals
  • Both of the above are half-rack size, and as many as 4 units can be connected
Tally Interface Card: HVS-30TALR
  • Features 18 terminals
  • Up to 2 cards can be installed (the slot is shared with I/O cards)
Editor Interface Software: HVS-39ED
  • Supports BVS/DVS and GVG editing protocol
Virtual Studio Link Software: HVS-39VR
  • For For.A "digiStorm" or "VRCAM2" virtual studio software
Video Memory Expansion Card: HVS-39MEM
  • Expands recording capacity to 120 frames of video