Dedolight Single Daylight LED 1-Light Kit - SLED1-D-B

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Dedolight Single Daylight LED 1-Light Kit - SLED1-D-B


The Dedolight DLED4.1-D Daylight LED 1-Light Kit offers a complete battery-powered LED light head setup with a battery power supply, 95Wh battery, and a soft case for carrying. This provides you with a compact, yet powerful light capable of 5,600K that is focusable from 60 to 4°. The light is also dimmable and has an excellent CRI of >91 for excellent color rendition. Additionally, the light has tilt with permanent friction and cools passively, meaning no loud fans to interrupt shooting. The DLED4.1 will output up to 36000 lux at 3' while in spot mode.

KIT Includes:

1 DLED4-D dedolight focusing LED light head, daylight
1 DT4-BAT-AB Battery power supply for DLED4 monocolor light heads (D-TAP)
1 DPLS Light shield ring
1 DBD8 Standard barn door (eight leaves)
1 DLHAND dedolight handle
1 DLBCA2-V Belt adapter for V-Mount batteries with holding plate for DT4.X-BAT/-BI-BAT power supplies. D-TAP power out socket
1 LiTH-95SI Batteries with internal charger
1 UKM-1283803 Mains cable for LiTH
1 DSCM Soft case, mono