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Dedo KIT-COMBO-3 Master Interview Lighting Kit

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Dedo and Photoflex

Dedo KIT-COMBO-3 Master Interview Lighting Kit

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Dedo KIT-COMBO-3 Master Interview Lighting Kit, The Ultimate lighting kit to make great quality images .

Everything you would want in a combination lighting kit. Classic combination of Photoflex and Dedo lighting.


Using some of the industries favorite creative lighting tools this kit contains very good quality equipment that is also
good value. With the use of the flattering Octodome Starlight softbox as a soft key complimented with a Dedolight
soft fill and classic backlight you will be able to light your subjects to a very high standard and with a further Dedo
as a background light that can project patterns and simulate light through windows for example - it will be possible to
create filmic style images.
* Complete set of tools for creative 3 point lighting
* Dedo Background light with projector for further creativity
* Full set of Gobos to simulate sunlight and patterns
* Good quality kit that will not become obsolete
* Efficient and easy to use
* Enough space in case to add future kit
*Instructions on how to set up and use this kit are available free from

This kit was created in conjuction with Jonathan Harrison an award winning cameraman , well known for the quality
of his seminars and training sessions. Please see his website: for more information.


Key Features

1 FV-SLSODKT OctoDome nxt Kit: Starlite, Connector,1 x 1000w, OctoDomenxt, LS2214 Stand 
1 FV-SLE1000240 1000w 240v lamp 
1 AC-ODGRIDS OctoDome3 Fabric Grids Small 3' at 40 degrees 
1 DLPHT High Temp Resistance Pouch for Starlight 
2 DLH4 Aspherics² light head, 100W/150W tungsten 
2 DBD8 Standard barn door (eight leaves) 
1 DLH1X150S Soft light head, 100W/150W tungsten 
1 HTP150S High temperature pouch for DLH1x150S 
1 DSBSXS Dedoflex mini soft box, silver 
1 DLGRIDXS Grid, fits mini soft box 
3 DT24-1E Power supply 1 x 24V/150W (230VAC) 
5 DL150 Lamp 150W / 24V 
3 DST Dedolight stand 
1 DSTFX Flexible stand extension (510 mm) 
1 299887 Boa Bag — 10 lbs. 
1 DP10 Imager projection attachment w/o lens 
1 DPL60M Imager lens, 60mm, f 2.4 
1 DPGH Steel gobo holder (size 'M') 
1 DPFS Imager framing shutter blade set 
1 DPACP Imager accessory pouch (gobos, scrims etc.) 
1 GM-GMAS10-M Master Gobo set "M" size (10 x Gobos) 
1 MD-420110 Matthellini Clamp — 2” End Jaw 
1 FV-SLBAG1KIT Single Starlite Kit Protective Bag, w/ wheels, dividers

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