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Dedo KD3S 3 HEAD 150w Standard Dimmer Kit Soft Case

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Dedo KD3S 3 HEAD 150w Standard Dimmer Kit Soft Case

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Dedo KD3S 3 HEAD 150w Standard Dimmer Kit Soft Case


The KD3 3 head series of kits are some of the most popular sold.  This KD3S Standard kit includes the most popular accessories and tools used to create compelling images including a background projector, alowing for functional and artist backdrop control.


Key Features

This lighting kit consists of:

  • 3              DLH4                     Aspherics² light head, 100W/150W tungsten
  • 3              DT24-1E                Power supply 1 x 24V/150W (230VAC)
  • 3              DST                        Dedolight stand
  • 1              DSTFX                   Flexible stand extension (510 mm)
  • 2              CLAMP1                Dedolight clamp
  • 3              DBD8                    Standard barn door (eight leaves)
  • 3              DFH                       Gel filter holder
  • 1              DGMB                    Gel filter set, mixed blue (fits classic filter holder)
  • 1              DGMD                    Gel filter set, mixed diffusion (fits classic filter holder)
  • 1              DP1                        Imager projection attachment
  • 1              DPIR                      Imager Iris
  • 1              DPGH                    Steel gobo holder (size 'M')
  • 1              DPFS                     Imager framing shutter blade set
  • 6              DL150                   Lamp 150W / 24V
  • 1              DLBOX                  Plastic Box
  • 1              DSC2                     Soft case, large
  • 1              DLTFH                   Dedoflex holder
  • 1              DL-1112WT         12"  (30cm)     Pocket  Diffuser Translucent


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