Crystal Video Pro200 KIT HDMI and SDI Wireless Transmitter-Receiver Kit Up to 200m (650ft) - CVW-PRO200-KIT

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Zero Latency Wireless Video 5.1-5.8GHz Licence-Free Operation. Wireless Video Kit (up to 200m) w/ 1x Transmitter #7051 and 1x Receiver #3051

Crystal Video Pro200 HDMI and SDI Wireless Transmitter-Receiver Kit Up to 200m (650ft) - CVW-PRO200-KIT


Wireless transmission up to 200m (655 ft)

  • Supports real-time uncompressed 1080P video transmission

  • Zero latency

  • Good stability and strong anti-jamming

    capability under 5GHz frequency band

  • Supports AES128 bit encryption

  • Equipped with external SONY F970 battery mechanical interface for battery plug-in

  • Supports SDI camera recording trigger function (Start/Stop Flag) transmission

  • Supports manual setting for frequency

  • Supports multicast, one transmitter to

    multiple receivers

  • Supports time code

1 Year warranty

Long distance wireless HD video transmission is a key element in live broadcasting. Real time uncompressed transmission with zero latency in combination with the advantage of not having to deal with wiring and cables.

The Pro 200 KIT allows you great flexibility and freedom while also minimizing the possibilty of accidents during shooting. When you are working at large events with crowds of people, that is what you are looking for!

This specific kit has a transmission range of up to 200 metres, It allows easy remote monitoring and meets the demands of film shooting, television broadcasting, indoor and outdoor sporting events or live broadcasting of weddings and conferences.

The complete kit is supplied in a hardcase with room for all the accessories. This helps keep a good overview and ensures safe transportation.


TX: Pro200

Item Data
Antenna Mode  External antenna
Frequency Free Frequency (EU): 5150 to 5250 MHz


1 TX Pro 200 transmitter
1 RX Pro 200 receiver
7 Antennas
1 DC adapter 12V 2A Lemo 2-Pin 1 V-Mount

2 Hot-shoe stands
2 SDI cables
2 Power cables Lemo 2-Pin to D-tap 1 Manual
1 Hardcase

Crystal Video Pro200