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Chrosziels LWS 401-95 Lightweight support for Red Epic and Red Scarlet


LWS, LightWeightSupport for RED Epic / Scarlet, complete with 2 rods dia. 15mm l. 205mm. Fits also directly to Bridge Plate 401-F235 with 19 mm rods.


Chrosziel's light-weight support LWS 401-95 fits both new Red cameras. It is equipped with 205 mm long rods with a diameter of 15 mm. For large and heavy lenses, we recommend to use the LWS 401-95 as an adaptor for bridge plate 401-F235 with 19 mm rods. On the back of light-weight support 401-95 you can mount Chrosziel's universal 15 mm accessory bridge 401-36 featuring two clamps for 15 mm rods and a 3/8“ thread with a 1/4“ insert in the middle. It can hold recorders and other accessories.