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  1. Takumi S35 23.9-195mm T/2.9 Super 35 Format Lens PL Mount - Takumi-S35

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  2. Takumi 1 40.6-332mm T/4.8 Full Frame Lens PL Mount - Takumi-1

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  3. Takumi 2 29-120mm T2.9 Full Frame Lens PL Mount - Takumi-2

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Musashi-Opt’s range of Takumi cinema lenses, OptMore focal length extenders & OptMag image circle expanders are handcrafted with excellence in Japan.

Takumi cinema zoom lenses are available in 3 models – Takumi 29-120 Full Frame, Takumi 40-330 Full Frame and Takumi 24-195 Super 35. The two Full Frame models cover a diagonal image circle of 46.3mm, enabling full coverage of large sensor cameras including Sony Venice & RED Monstro.

All three models benefit from Musashi-Opt’s imaging expertise, producing an alluring cinematic image with accurate colour rendition and natural bokeh.

OptMore PL to PL focal length extenders are available in 1.4x and 2.0x magnification ratios for both Super 35 & Full Frame coverage.

OptMag image circle expanders enable the use of existing Super 35 PL lenses on Full Frame camera sensors – available in 1.4x and 1.7x versions, providing image circle coverage of 44mm and 46.3mm respectively.