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How to Take Great Photographs in the Snow

As winter grips the nation news programmes and social networking sites are being flooded with images of the snow-covered landscapes. The images can be beautiful and dramatic but are not always easy to capture.

The bright white scenes can play havoc with exposure levels and some digital cameras are better at dealing with the conditions than others. The sensors aim to find a middle ground and often struggle with the brilliant white, meaning shots that are under-exposed and snow that becomes grey. You can adjust the settings of your camera to overcome these problems in a few steps.

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Start by framing the shot and focusing then zoom to a bright area and set the exposure compensation to between +2/3 to +1 2.3 EV. Take a meter reading then switch to full annual and enter the settings. This will mean a slight overexposure to keep the snow crisp and clean but other objects will not be blown out. If you are unsure how to operate the manual settings on your camera then play around with different options and make a note of which work the best. Some cameras have a snow setting which should do a pretty good job of dealing with the light conditions.

You can also experiment with the shutter speed when the snow is coming down. Use a tripod to steady the image and use a slow speed to create a blur of movement. A fast shutter speed will freeze the snow as it comes down.

Be creative with your shots and try to think outside the box. Go for a different angle, throw the focus or highlight details in the snow to create unusual, unique and original snow photos.

And finally, don’t forget to dress warm with a waterproof layer on top. Head out early to capture the snow before it starts to melt or be disturbed by footprints and make sure batteries are charged and keep the camera in the bag until it is time to start shooting. When you get home, keep your camera cool for a while so that it can readjust gradually to avoid compensation, but get yourself warm quicker with a well-deserved cuppa!

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